Silage assessment county results

Members from Co Down young farmers' clubs are pictured with Ulster Bank representative Simon Seaton at the dairy stock judging heats
Members from Co Down young farmers' clubs are pictured with Ulster Bank representative Simon Seaton at the dairy stock judging heats

YFCU’s silage assessment competition sponsored by John Thompson and Sons Ltd recently took place in farms across Northern Ireland.

Over 600 members took part and the top four competitors from each county will go through to the Northern Ireland final which will be held on Thursday, July 6th at Greenmount.

Silage assessment

Co Londonderry


1st Rebecca Nicholl, Dungiven YFC

2nd Jenna Mullan, Dungiven YFC

3rd John Baird, Dungiven YFC

4th Peter Cunningham, YFC


1st Chloe Parker, Garvagh YFC

2nd Claire Young, Dungiven YFC

3rd Gareth Henderson, Dungiven YFC

4th Taylor Jackson, Dungiven YFC


1st Zara Fulton, Dungiven YFC

2nd Joanna Mullan, Dungiven YFC

3rd Lauren McFarlane, Dungiven YFC

4th Niall Hutton, Moneymore YFC


1st Lynne Montgomery, City of Derry YFC

2nd Matthew Gordon, Kilrea YFC

3rd Alison Mullan, Dungiven YFC and Dylan Clarke Moneymore YFC


1st James Purcell, Dungiven YFC

2nd Matthew Gault, Dungiven YFC

3rd Adam McCormick, Kilrea YFC and Michael Torrens, Garvagh YFC


1st David Oliver, Dungiven YFC

2nd William Bolton, Curragh YFC

3rd Geoff McNeill, Garvagh YFC

4th Ian Brown, Moneymore YFC

Co Antrim


1st Emma Galloway, Randalstown YFC

2nd Fraser McComb, Lylehill YFC

3rd Kathryn McMaster, Lisnamurrican YFC

4th Jayne Kirkpatrick, Kilraughts YFC, Kerry Jamison, Kilraughts YFC, Victoria Currie Kilraughts YFC and Morgan Keegan, Lylehill YFC.


1st Andrew Paisley, Gleno Valley YFC

2nd Alexandra McConnell, Holestone YFC

3rd Robyn McConnell, Holestone YFC

4th James Currie, Kilraughts YFC


1st Jack Patterson, Holestone YFC

2nd David McConkey, Straid YFC

3rd Michael Forsythe, Straid YFC and Laura Galloway, Randalstown YFC


1st Jack King, Crumlin YFC

2nd Alison Minford, Crumlin YFC

3rd Mitchell Park, Glarryford YFC

4th Christopher Collier, Crumlin YFC and Mark McConnell, Straid YFC


1st Paul Thompson, Lylehill YFC

2nd Jonathan Bristow, Ahoghill YFC

3rd Teresa Connon, Lisnamurrican YFC, Daniell Marshall, Holestone YFC, Gavin Murray, Crumlin YFC


1st Eamon McGarry, Crumlin YFC

2nd Peter Alexander, Glarryford YFC

3rd Elaine Paisley, Straid YFC

4th Stephanie McCollam, Lylehill YFC

Co Down


1st Ryan Rodgers, Annaclone and Magherally YFC

2nd Ellie Macauley, Rathfriland YFC

3rd Andrew Brown, Ballywalter YFC

4th Colm McNamee, Mourne YFC and Alexander Mitchell, Annaclone and Magherally YFC


1st Daniel Sherry, Hillsborough YFC

2nd Glyn Surgenor, Hillsborough YFC

3rd Ben Jamison, Annaclone and Magherally YFC and Lauran McMurray, Annaclone and Magherally YFC


1st Joshua Moore, Artana YFC and Olivia Hayes, Killinchy YFC

2nd James Boyd, Annaclone and Magherally YFC and Emma-Jayne Donnelly, Annaclone and Magherally YFC


1st Yasmin Erwin, Hillsborough YFC

2nd Jessica Lee, Ballywalter YFC and Zoe Faulkner, Ballywalter YFC

3rd Rachel McMurray, Annaclone and Magherally YFC


1st Robert McCrory, Hillsborough YFC

2nd Graeme Warden, Newtownards YFC and Andrew Sleator, Annaclone and Magherally YFC

3rd Stephen Tordon, Rathfriland YFC and Rebecca Connor, Mourne YFC


1st George Shaw, Spa YFC

2nd David Dodd, Spa YFC

3rd Nathan McFarlane, Ballymiscaw YFC

4th Jonathan Sleator, Annaclone and Magherally YFC

Co Armagh


1st Clarisa Crozier, Collone YFC

2nd Ian Kennedy, Collone YFC

3rd Sarah Belshaw, Newtownhamilton YFC and Alexander Hawthorne, Collone YFC


1st Jessica Acheson, Collone YFC

2nd Kathryn Morton, Bleary YFC

3rd Hannah Gibson, Newtownhamilton YFC

4th Amy Kinnear, Bleary YFC


1st Abby Morton, Bleary YFC

2nd Rachel Coleman, Bleary YFC

3rd Tamara Pollock, Mountnorris YFC

4th Claire McAnearney, Bleary YFC


1st Emma Malcomson, Bleary YFC

2nd Karla Fitzpatrick, Collone YFC

3rd Ashleigh Johnston, Collone YFC

4th Zoe Maguire, Bleary YFC


1st Ian Walker, Collone YFC

2nd Brooks Allen, Collone YFC


Joseph Black, Collone YFC

Benjamin Allen, Collone YFC

Co Fermanagh


Jack Armstrong, Kesh YFC

Evan Thompson, Kesh YFC

James Johnston, Kesh YFC

Lisa Belfour, Lisbellaw YFC


Harry Havers, Kesh YFC

Taylor Simpson, Kesh YFC

Olivia Weir, Kesh YFC

Dara Walker, Kesh YFC


Christopher Belfour, Lisbellaw YFC

Hannah Birney, Kesh YFC

Daniel Dunne, Kesh YFC


Craig Cowan, Lisbellaw YFC

Hannah Vance, Lisbellaw YFC

Rebecca Ryan, Lisbellaw YFC

Sarah Little, West Fermanagh YFC


George Irvine, Kesh YFC

Rebecca Brunt, Lisbellaw YFC


Gillian Henderson, Kesh YFC

Co Tyrone


Jack Rankin, Derg Valley YFC

Kyle Young, Derg Valley YFC

Craig Keatley, Derg Valley YFC

Alistair Crawford, Seskinore YFC


James Vance, Trillick and District YFC

Nathan Graham, Trillick and District YFC

Zara Preston, Cappagh YFC

Thomas McConnell, Newtownstewart YFC


Victoria Allen, Clogher Valley YFC

Claire Allen, Clogher Valley YFC

Alan Fleming, Cappagh YFC

James McKelvey, Newtownstewart YFC


Gemma Hetherington, Newtownstewart YFC

Samuel Hunter, Derg Valley YFC

Ashleigh Hamilton, Derg Valley YFC

Graeme Monteith, Seskinore YFC


Robert Keatley, Derg Valley YFC

Jamie Brown, Seskinore YFC

Jessica Pollock, Derg Valley YFC

Kyle Smyth, Clanabogan YFC


Victoria Ross, Newtownstewart YFC

Adam Crockett, Derg Valley YFC

Iain Fleming, Cappagh YFC