YFCU fencing competition sponsored by Ward & Boyd

Corrina Fleming, YFCU senior programmes officer, is pictured with Colin Boyd, director of Ward and Boyd, (left) and Sam Boyd (right) from Ward and Boyd launching the 2018 fencing competition

The Young Farmers’ Clubs of Ulster (YFCU) will hold its popular fencing competition at this year’s NI International Ploughing Championships on Saturday, September 29th in Eglinton, Co Londonderry.

Long term sponsor, Ward and Boyd Ltd, who represent Betafence which manufactures Green Rylock fencing products, will once again provide competitors with top quality products to be used during the event.

Colin Boyd, director of Ward and Boyd and long-time official sponsor of the event, said: “We are delighted to once again return as the primary sponsor for the YFCU fencing competition.

“We have been associated with the YFCU annual fencing competition for more than 20 years now and enjoy the partnership with the participating clubs, trainers and judges.

“This competition matches the best in product with the best in practice.

“All the best to this year’s competitors. We hope our association with YFCU will continue in the future.”

Crosby Cleland, from Crosby Cleland Fencing, will offer expert guidance and training to members on the day. 

Competitors will have the opportunity to take part in one of two levels, novice or advanced. In addition to medals, the winners of the senior section will receive the Green Rylock Trophy and an expenses paid visit to one of the Green Rylock fencing factories.

Winners of the novice level will receive the Green Rylock Perpetual Plate.

The novice section requires competitors to complete a 20 metre straight stock proof fence.

Each fence will require sheep wire and barbed wire joined by traditional methods at some point in the fence.

Those participating in the advanced section will be expected to complete a 27m stock proof fence with a corner/bend at a predetermined point.

Both the sheep wire and the barbed wire must be joined at the centre of the smaller section using traditional methods.

Additional tasks may be given on the day by the instructors.

YFCU competitors must be present for 10.00am on Saturday, September 29th to begin erecting fences at 11.00am.

A maximum of three members are permitted per team and each team will be allowed three hours to complete the task.

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