1800gns from A B Carson1800gns from A B Carson
1800gns from A B Carson

Averages down at Blackface show and sale

The Ulster Ram Breeders’ Association held their Annual Blackface Show and Sale in Ballymena Livestock Market last week and although there were more sheep sold on a whole, averages were down in three of the four sections.

Top price of the day went to a south type ram lamb from James McCurdy, Correen selling across the water to Scotland for 11,000gns.

This was followed by a south type shearling from John and Patrick Harkin, Loughash receiving 10,000gns.

Closely behind was a north type ram Lamb selling at 9500gns for Tom Adams and sons Joe and Archie, Rathkenny.

Seamus and James Fegan, Crossbrae Blackface sold their south type shearling for 9000gns followed by Gordon Crawford’s Aghanlane south type ram Lamb for 7500gns another 7500gns went to Billy Grant and 6500gns to Paul McEvoy for north type ram lambs.

More top prices paid out on the day were 5500gns to Glenbeg for their south type shearling, then 5000gns for north type ram lambs went to Conway Brothers and Gerard Breslin followed by a 4800gns for Gavin and Willard Watson for their north type ram lamb.

South type shearlings also sold for 4800gns for Colin McEldowney, Patrick McGuigan and Charlie and Christine Phillips, with a south type ram lamb from Glenbeg receiving 4800gns as well.

Other Leading prices of the day were: 4500gns T Adams & Sons, 4200gns Grant Bors, Craigdoo, 4000gns, 3200gns Glenbeg, 4000gns, 3500gns K & M McAleer, 4000gns C Toner, 3800gns G & I Davidson, 3600gns S & S Adams, 3600gns, 3400gns E McKenna, 3500gns J McCurdy, 3400gns F Mullan, 3400gns V & P Fullerton, 3200gns N McEldowney, 3200gns C & C Phillips, 3200gns Rock, Loughash, 3000gns C McAteer, 3000gns B Grant, 3000gns T Harkin.

Judging of the show was carried out by Sandy Smith, Scarhill,(Champion of Champions) Noel P Walsh, Glenalligan(Shearlings) and Gavin Shearer, Hillhead of Morinsh (Ram Lambs) with Gerard Breslin receiving the Champion of Champions rosette and selling his Champion ram lamb for 5000gns, the Reserve Champion of Champions and Champion shearling came from Russell and Mark Smyth selling for 2000gns.

Shearling Champion – M & R Smyth, Reserve Champion- T Adams, 3rd S Adams, 4th S Adams, 5th AB Carson

Single Shearling – 1st T Adams, 2nd M & R Smyth, 3rd T Adams, 4th AB Carson, 5th S Adams, 6th B Curran

Group of 5 – 1st M & R Smyth, 2nd S Adams, 3rd AB Carson

Pair of Shearlings – 1st G & I Watson, 2nd M & W Smyth, 3rd AB Carson, 4th T Adams, 5th C Carmichael, 6th G & W Watson

Champion Ram Lamb – G Breslin Reserve Champion – S & S Adams, 3rd B Grant, 4th B Grant, 5th Conway Bros

Single Ram Lamb – 1st S & S Adams, 2nd P McEvoy, 3rd V Brennan, 4th E Canny, 5th V Brennan, 6th T Adams & Sons

Group of 3 – 1st B Grant, 2nd G Breslin, 3rd P McEvoy, 4th B & J Robinson, 5th Conway Bros, 6th T Adams & Sons

Averages for the sales were: South type shearlings 244 sold to average £1092, south type ram lambs 94 sold to average £1164, north type shearlings 51 sold to average £649, north type ram lambs 89 sold to average £1455