DUP will support farmers: Dodds

DUP MEP Diane Dodds, along with DUP representatives, continued their engagement with farmers around Brexit related issues and the lack of a functioning Executive at Balmoral Show.

Mrs Dodds said: “Brexit provides Northern Ireland with many opportunities not just in terms of our economy but in terms of our agri-foods sector and agriculture as a whole. As we negotiate our exit from the European Union, we are also faced with challenges.

“It is vitally important that we have a voice at the table, ensuring we get the best deal for the people of Northern Ireland. Representation at Westminster and Brussels is key in this, however of real concern to farmers is the lack of a functioning Assembly to tackle the issues facing agriculture head on.

“Northern Ireland is being held to ransom by one party who do not want to see our devolved institutions back up and running. The DUP want to get back into Government today, tomorrow, as soon as possible to deal with the issues facing people and to provide the people of Northern Ireland with a strong voice.

“Now more than ever, with the Brexit negotiations to take place, we need representatives who are standing strong for Northern Ireland. The DUP listens to the farmer and defends and supports them. Brexit means no more having to negotiate the changes our citizens need with other nations MEP’s and their agendas. No more politicking around obscure European capitals to achieve a half-baked compromise on our ideals.”

Mrs Dodds added: “We need the Assembly back up and running to navigate these changes. The DUP meanwhile will continue to engage with farmers, who are among those who contribute heavily to the Northern Ireland economy and provide them with a strong voice.”