Easy Breathe Calf Bolus offers respiratory support to young calves

The Easy Breathe Calf Bolus from Matrix Animal Health which is the firstst product of its kind to be available in UK and Ireland has been a lifeline on many calf rearing units across the country over recent weeks with the very changeable weather conditions.

The principle of the Easy Breathe calf bolus has been tried and trusted in farms across Germany, France and the Netherlands for some time and now, that same advanced technology bolus has been made available to farmers here with customers reporting the same positive results.

Taking delivery of another tub of the Easy Breathe boluses, Mollie Phillips spoke to her local Matrix Animal Health Sales Agent about her experience with the Easy Breathe Boluses: “We are currently milking around 170 predominately Holstein cows calving all year round.

"We had been struggling for quite a few years with ongoing niggly respiratory issues in our young calves. We were recommended the Easy Breathe Bolus and I would have to say, we have been very impressed with the results.

"This will be the third year we have been using the bolus and they really have been a game changer for us. During high-risk periods we use the Easy Breathe calf bolus as peace of mind by offering the calf some much needed respiratory support.

"Especially at this time of year when we have to keep a really close eye on everything with the changing temperatures and very muggy conditions. We have found the bolus extremely easy to use, cost effective and would highly recommend the product to anyone.”

Tim Montgomery from Matrix Animal Health added: “The advanced Matrix technology calf bolus contains a combination of ingredients which are designed to support a healthy respiratory system in young calves. Respiratory problems in young calves are most commonly seen in autumn and winter, especially when the animals are housed or stressed and this is where the Easy Breathe Bolus is designed to offer some much needed support.”

For more information please contact HQ on 07803618754, your local Matrix Animal Health Agent or shop online at www.matrixanimalhealth.com