McHale machinery in the spotlight at Rea's

McHale Pro Glide R3100 Rear MowerMcHale Pro Glide R3100 Rear Mower
McHale Pro Glide R3100 Rear Mower
Rea's of Finvoy, in conjunction with McHale, are holding a field demonstration of some of their products, near Kilrea, on Wednesday, August 3.

One of the machines which will feature prominently is the McHale Fusion 3 Plus - a baler/wrapper combination that can apply plastic, instead of net or twine, to the barrel of the bale.

James Heanue, McHale Irish Sales Manager, explained: “When ordering a McHale Fusion 3 Plus the customer has the option to upgrade the chopper unit on the machine to a selectable knife system, which provides three options, engage and chop with a bank of 12 knifes, or with a bank of 13 knifes. Should fine chopping be required the operator can choose to engage both knife banks, which will give a 25 knife chopper system - capable of delivering a chop length of approximately 46mm.

“We have a good number of Fusion 3 Plus machines already at work in Ireland, Norway, Holland, Belgium, and New Zealand and the concept of film on film is growing quickly.

McHale Orbital.McHale Orbital.
McHale Orbital.

“The McHale Fusion 3 Plus gives contractors a way to offer a new concept and differentiate themselves from their competition by providing a product which can deliver better silage quality. The Fusion 3 Plus also offers farmers the benefit of higher quality silage.”

McHale Orbital Bale Wrapper is the latest addition to the McHale bale wrapper range. McHale have harnessed the proven vertical wrapping ring technology used in the McHale Fusion to deliver a high output bale wrapper which is capable of keeping up with multiple balers.

This wrapper also offers farmers and contractors a high speed wrapping solution which delivers consistent and even overlap and achieves optimum levels of fodder preservation and quality when wrapping bales of fodder from three foot three inches or one metre up to four foot eight or 1.45 metres.

At Agritechnica 2015 in Germany, McHale launched the McHale Pro Glide Mower Range to the world market. McHale will be offering three new products from this range; the McHale Pro Glide F3100 Front Mower, the R3100 Rear Mower and the B9000 Combination Mower.

Fusion 3 Plus applying plastic to the bale in the bale chamberFusion 3 Plus applying plastic to the bale in the bale chamber
Fusion 3 Plus applying plastic to the bale in the bale chamber

All Mowers are fitted with three metre cutter bars with tine conditioners and benefit from a number of novel features which result in better ground following ability and quicker reaction times to changes in ground conditions.

To achieve the maximum performance and results from a front and a rear or combination mower the cutter bar and mower suspension works together to deliver uncontaminated forage.

As a result McHale have developed unique patented ground adaption technology which deliver three dimensional ground contour tracking for its Pro Glide range of rear and combination mowers which allows an arc of movement from left to right and forward and back movement adjusting to changes in the contours of the ground.

For more information on any McHale machine from the product range, visit the website,

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