MEP Dodds discusses Brexit with the UFU

DUP MEP Diane Dodds last week met with UFU President, Barclay Bell and Chief Executive, Wesley Aston in Brussels to discuss current issues affecting agriculture and Brexit.

Mrs Dodds said it is always a pleasure to meet with the UFU in Brussels.

She added: “This was a prime opportunity to discuss issues relating to Brexit and the consultation released this week by Phil Hogan on the future shape of the Common Agricultural Policy. This negotiation will be extremely important but even more difficult given the need to agree on a new EU budget by 2020 and the ongoing Brexit negotiations.

“The EU budget is an important matter for consideration for the current Commissioner, Phil Hogan. Only last week he was quoted as saying the European Union needs to reduce subsidies as part of pending reforms to cope with an expected three billion euro drop in the EU’s agriculture budget post-Brexit.

“I will continue to input into these discussions given my role on the Agriculture Committee, but also because this policy will determine the shape of future support and what EU agriculture will want in future trade deals. This will ultimately shape the future of our competitors post-Brexit. The Commission is likely to release its own white paper later this year which will give us greater insight into the thinking in Brussels.”

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