New calf respiratory range completes important piece of jigsaw

​Respiratory disease is estimated to cost the UK cattle industry between £80-£100 million annually with the biggest loss coming from reduced DLWG during the animal’s illness.
Tim Montgomery with an Easy Breathe bolusTim Montgomery with an Easy Breathe bolus
Tim Montgomery with an Easy Breathe bolus

There are numerous different factors which interact to increase the risk of an outbreak of respiratory disease in calves and young stock most of these occur within one month of housing and with weather conditions deteriorating and most cattle now housed, we are now in that ‘danger zone’. This year in particular is proving very challenging with the uncharacteristically mild temperatures.

Respiratory disease is best prevented by a combination of good management, well designed buildings with correct ventilation and a robust herd health plan.

The group of Easy Breathe products is a very important piece of the herd health plan jigsaw by providing respiratory support and ensuring the maintenance of a healthy functioning respiratory system to help ensure each calf reaches its full potential.

The principle of the Easy Breathe family has been tried and trusted on calf farms across Germany, France and the Netherlands for some time and now, that range of products has been made available to farmers here with customers reporting the same positive results.

A recent study showed that during the first year of life, calves with extensive lung damage had a 26% greater risk of dying or being culled that a calf with normal lungs.

Furthermore, heifer calves whom sustained lung damage in the first 56 days of life, had a 525kg decrease in milk yield over their first lactation (Adams, E.A, Buczinski, S. 2016 and Dunn, T.R et al. 2018).

Tim from Matrix Animal Health added ‘The new Easy Breathe range covers three products all of which are designed to support a healthy respiratory system in young calves. Respiratory problems in young calves are most commonly seen in autumn and winter, especially when the animals are housed or stressed and this is where the range of Easy Breathe products which is a cost effective, easy to administer bolus will provide calves with some much needed respiratory support’. The range consists of:

1. Easy Breathe Bolus - This is the first of its kind in the UK and Ireland and is designed to offer specific and targeted support.

2. Easy Breathe Liquid - Added to the milk of preweaned calves

3. Easy Breathe Powder - Dusted over meal or silage.

The Easy Breathe range of products are available through your local Matrix Sales Advisor, from Matrix HQ 07803618754, or online with free on farm delivery.