RHI injustice hitting 199kw boiler owners – Allister

RHI injustice is hitting a group of 199kw boiler owners particularly hard, according to TUV leader Jim Allister.
TUV Leader Jim AllisterTUV Leader Jim Allister
TUV Leader Jim Allister

He went on to explain these boiler owners were not even eligible for high rates.

“Among the many innocent victims of the RHI shambles are a group of 199kw boiler owners, who never qualified for over generous rates, but who like everyone else have seen their income slashed by the blunt instrument of the department’s recent and ill judged legislation,” Mr Allister explained.

“These are people who applied after the scheme was allegedly ‘fixed’ and were receiving rates comparable with Great Britain recipients, but now find themselves grossly below the Great Britain tariff but facing bank debts racked up in good faith because of departmental offers and assurance.

“With most hatching for Moy Park they are now unable to compete on an equal footing with Moy Park’s Great Britain farmers.

“When taken with those with 99kw boilers now also suffering, this further demonstrates the inequity of the department’s approach which I continue to believe was motivated by a self-serving desire to be seen to purge themselves of their previous bungling, which is likely to be exposed in the RHI Inquiry Report.”

He added: “Once more, however, it is the genuine user who has been punished, not the bungling civil servants or the incompetent minister.”