Steers sell to £1,360 for 650kgs at Armoy Mart

A seasonal show of 170 head last Monday night met with a good steady trade.

Tuesday, 17th July 2018, 11:43 am
Updated Tuesday, 17th July 2018, 12:06 pm

Steers sold to £1,360 for 650kgs, heifers sold to £1,310 for 600kgs and fat cows topped at £1,290 for a 1,110kgs Friesian bull.


Jeffrey Arthur, Broughshane, Aberdeen Angus, 650kgs, £1,360, 610kgs, £1,315, 620kgs, £1,300, 610kgs, £1,260, 620kgs, £1,230. B and R McCollum, Loughguile, Aberdeen Angus, 570kgs, £1,185, 580kgs, £1,215, 580kgs, £1,145, 580kgs, £1,185, 600kgs, £1,190. Sam Fullerton, Bushmills, Hereford, 600kgs, £1,105. Andrew Jamison, Stranocum, Limousin, 570kgs, £1,200, 620kgs, £1,285. Jeffrey Arthur, Broughshane, Aberdeen Angus, 580kgs, £1,140, 600kgs, £1,175. Robert Chambers, Bushmills, Aberdeen Angus, 440kgs, £975, 380kgs, £795. John Woodside, Ballycastle, Limousin, 530kgs, £1,010, 600kgs, £1,110. J Gardiner, Ballymena, Aberdeen Angus, 540kgs, £1,070. Austin Caldwell, Ballymena, Friesian, 580kgs, £1,070, 540kgs, £940, 520kgs, £925. James McAuley, Bushmills, Aberdeen Angus, 470kgs, £935. Jas Heaney, Ballymena, Aberdeen Angus, 530kgs, £1,090. Sam Fullerton, Bushmills, Shorthorn, 580kgs, £1,045. J Gardiner, Ballymena, Fleckvieh, 660kgs, £1,090, 530kgs, £910. Ronald Douds, Cloughmills, Limousin, 540kgs, £990, 480kgs, £950. John Wasson, Ballymoney, Limousin, 570kgs, £1,000. B and R McCollum, Loughguile, Hereford, 580kgs, £1,060, 580kgs, £1,045, 590kgs, £1,130, 590kgs, £1,070.


D McAuley, Cushendall, Limousin, 600kgs, £1,310. J Heaney, Ballymena, Aberdeen Angus, 450kgs, £900. Sam Fullerton, Bushmills, Simmental, 640kgs, £1,125. J Gardiner, Ballymena, Aberdeen Angus, 550kgs, £1,090, 530kgs, £1,045, 550kgs, £1,035. B Caldwell, Ballymena, Belgian Blue, 560kgs, £1,000. M McKenna, Dervock, Stabiliser, 340kgs, £630, 350kgs, £710. Robin Cassidy, Limousin, 460kgs, £865. A and S P McCarry, Loughguile, Aberdeen Angus, 380kgs, £750, 360kgs, £665, 370kgs, £725. Sam Carson, Ballymena, Aberdeen Angus, 400kgs, £730, 380kgs, £730, 325kgs, £660.


A and S P McCarry, Loughguile, Belgian Blue, 750kgs, £1,100. S Cochrane, Bushmills, Friesian, 790kgs, £895, 600kgs, £680. G Yarr, Antrim, Limousin, 850kgs, £1,040. And Jamison, Stranocum, Holstein, 490kgs, £640. T and N Patterson, Glarryford, Freisian bull, 1,100kgs, £1,290. Geo Baker, Armoy, Aberdeen Angus, 770kgs, £940. Jas Chestnutt, Bushmills, Friesian, 600kgs, £655. J Adair, Antrim, Holstein, 600kgs, £570, 490kgs, £475. Lyle Morrison, Dervock, Holstein, 750kgs, £700.

Sale every Monday night at 6.30pm.

Auctioneers: Daniel McAlister and Son.