Antibiotic free technology

Andrew Adams from the Holmview Herd is milking 220 mostly Friesian cows in Clough.

Sunday, 7th March 2021, 12:01 pm
Andrew Adams taking delivery of another tub of Healthy Udder Boluses
Andrew Adams taking delivery of another tub of Healthy Udder Boluses

He spoke to Matrix Animal Health about his experiences after using the boluses for the past few months.

“Before trying the Healthy Udder Boluses we had been quite heavily reliant on antibiotics to keep our cell count down at a sensible level and to treat cases of clinical mastitis. We decided to try this new bolus concept after a recommendation from a friend who has more than halved his SCC so we were eager to give them a go,” he said.

“After getting great results experimenting with the Matrix bolus, we implemented a simple and effective “on farm” strategy - any cows with a SCC higher than 200,000 get the bolus. If we detect early stages of clinical mastitis when we are stripping out the cow pre-milking, she gets the Healthy Udder Bolus and within a very short period she will be back to normal.

“We have drastically reduced the antibiotic usage on our farm. All with no milk withhold so no dumped milk and no lost revenue!”

The Healthy Udder Bolus is a new Matrix Technology introduced to the UK and Irish Market.

Although new to the UK and Irish market it has been a tried and tested technology in Germany and Holland for well over a decade.

It is a fast acting bolus for use in lactating dairy cows to help reduce the use of antibiotics in cases of high somatic cell counts (SCC) and both clinical and sub clinical mastitis.

Tim Montgomery from Matrix Animal Health added: “The chemistry and theory behind the Healthy Udder Bolus is new to the UK and Ireland with the combination of Beta-Carotene, Allicin and Zinc boasting anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammotary and anti-bacterial properties. The bolus has antimicrobial activity against both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. Feedback from our customers has been extremely positive. Farmers are commenting that the ‘Healthy Udder Bolus’ has succeeded in significantly helping with Somatic Cell Count in the vast majority of cases.

“We are seeing fantastic results on farm with these new boluses both in terms of lowering SCC levels and the Mastitis burden.

“Farmers understand their responsibility to reduce their reliance on antibiotics and this product helps them with that goal, with the extra benefit of more milk in the tank.”

If anyone would like more information on the range please contact Tim Montgomery on 07803618754 or shop online at where they offer the range of products which includes a range of boluses, mineral drenches and calf products all backed up with a free doorstep delivery service.