‘Arla suppliers getting 30 pence for their milk’

According to Northern Ireland Farm Groups’ William Taylor, Arla suppliers in Scotland are receiving 30ppl in the current round of milk cheques.

He said: “The actual figure going into bank accounts works out at 28.9ppl: Arla take 1.1ppl off at source as part of an agreed discount scheme with their farmer suppliers at this time of the year.”

Taylor continued: “The significance of these prices lies in the fact that farmers in GB get paid in advance for their milk and not on a retrospective basis, as is the case here in Northern Ireland.”

Not surprisingly, the Farmers for Action representative is encouraging local dairy farmers supplying co-ops to campaign for an enhanced milk price.

He said: “The prospects for future milk prices are good at the present time. There is no reason why dairy farmers in Northern Ireland should be treated differently, when compared with their counterparts in the rest of the UK.”

Taylor believes the only way for local milk producer to secure a fully transparent milk pricing system is for the Stormont Executive to pass legislation on the matter.

He concluded: “This issue must be progressed as a matter of priority. It is concerning, but not surprising, that Northern Ireland’s dairy co-ops are again holding down milk prices while industry sources from GB indicate that a 26ppl base will be the worst price paid over the coming months.”