Beef cattle selling to £1480 for 412k for stronger males at Markethill Mart

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An entry of 540 cattle in Markethill on Saturday 16th March continued to sell in a firm demand in all rings.

The 170 heifers included several pens of good quality beef heifers and forward feeding heifers.

Beef heifers sold to £305 per 100k for 604k at £1840 from a Tandragee farmer, followed by £303 per 100k for 628k at £1900 from a Keady producer.

Main demand for good quality beef heifers from £270 - £295 per 100k.

Farming Life livestock marketsFarming Life livestock markets
Farming Life livestock markets

Forward feeders sold to £307 per 100k for 538k at £1650 from a Gilford producer, followed by £303 per 100k for 540k at £1635 from a Keady producer.

All good quality forward heifers sold steadily from £270 - £295 per 100k.

The 130 bullocks sold in a steady demand with forward bullocks to £301 per 100k for 508k at £1530 from a Newry producer, followed by £300 for 580k at £1740 from a Markethill farmer.

All good quality forward bullocks from £260 - £290 per 100k.

Good quality midweight bullocks sold from £260 to £328 per 100k for 472k at £1550 from a Fivemiletown farmer, followed by £314 per 100k for 420k at £1320 from a Downpatrick producer.

The same owner received £313 per 100k for 406k at £1270.

230 weanlings maintained an exceptionally strong demand with good quality light males from £300 to £392 per 100k for 334k at £1310 from an Ardglass farmer.

The same owner received £359 per 100k for 384k at £1380 and a Newtownhamilton farmer received £373 per 100k for 306k at £1140.

Stronger males sold to £359 for 412k at £1480 from an Ardglass farmer.

The same owner received £343 per 100k for 402k at £1380.

All good quality lots from £280 to £333 per 100k.

Heifer weanlings sold to £370 per 100k for 308k at £1140 from a Newry producer.

The same owner received £344 per 100k for 372k at £1280.

Aberdeen Angus heifers sold to £313 per 100k, 352k at £1100 from a Castlewellan producer.

All good quality heifer weanlings sold from £270 to £320 per 100k.

Suckler outfits sold to £1860, in calf cows sold to £1560 and breeding bulls sold to £2000 for a Limousin.

Beef heifers

Tandragee producer 604k £1840 £305/100k: Keady producer 628k £1900 £303/100k: 630k £1860 £295/100k:688k £2020 £294/100k: Keady producer 612k £1770 £289/100k: 618k £1785 £289/100k: Dungannon producer 650k £1840 £283/100k and Benburb producer 608k £1710 £281/100k.

Forward heifers

Gilford producer 538k £1650 £307/100k: Keady producer 540k £1635 £303/100k: Warrenpoint producer 568k £1700 £299/100k: Newry producer 518k £1520 £293/100k: Warrenpoint producer 584k £1680 £288/100k: Tandragee producer 546k 31550 £284/100k and Warrenpoint producer 572k £1610£282/100k.

Midweight heifers

Newry producer 466k £1520 £326/100k: Keady producer 494k £1540 £312/100k: 404k £1220Newry producer 466k £1520 £326/100k: Keady producer 494k £1540 £312/100k: 404k £1220 £302/100k: 390k £1150 £295/100k: 414k £1190 £287/100k: Armagh producer 468k £1340 £286/100k: Keady producer 392k £1100 £281/100k: Katesbridge producer 426k £1180 £277/100k and Dungannon producer 488k £1340 £275/100k.

Midweight bullocks

Fivemiletown producer 472k £1550 £328/100k: Downpatrick producer 420k £1320 £314/100k: 406k £1270 £313/100k: Keady producer 396k £1180 £298/100k: Ballynahinch producer 482k £1460 30/100k: Markethill producer 472k £1420 £301/100k: Ballykeel producer 498k £1470 £295/100k: Downpatrick producer 386k £1150 £298/100k: 394k £1170 £297/100k and Forkhill producer 408k £1200 £294/100k.

Forward bullocks

Newry producer 508k £1530 £301/100k: Markethill producer 580k £1740 £300/100k: Keady producer 528k £1540 £292/100k: Newtownhamilton producer 566k £1640 £290/100k: Newtownhamilton producer 532k £1540 £289/100k: Markethill producer 546k £1580 £289/100k: Cullyhanna producer 520k £1500 £288/100k and Markethill producer 562k £1620 £288/100k: 576k £1660 £288/100k.

Strong male weanlings

Ardglass producer 412k £1480 £359/100k: 402 k £1380 £343/100k: Castlewellan producer 408k £1360 £333/100k: 408k £1330 £326/100k: Newry producer 430k £1400 £326/100k: Castlewellan producer 426k £1380 £324/100k: Tandragee producer 412k £1320 £320/100k: Armagh producer 448k £1390 £310/100k and Ardglass producer 438k £1340 £306/100k.

Light male weanlings

Ardglass producer 334k £1310 £392/100k: Newtownhamilton producer 306k £1140 £373/100k: Ardglass producer 384k £1380 £359/100k: Markehill producer 286k £1020 £357/100k: Sixmilecross producer 354k £1260 £356/100k: Keady producer 268k £950 £355/100k: Keady producer 272k £960 £353/100k: Armagh producer 316k £1110 £351/100k and Belleeks producer 328k £1140 £348/100k.

Female weanlings

Newry producer 308k £1140 £370/100k: 372k £1280 £344/100k: Mullabawn producer 240k £800 £333/100k: Armagh producer 276k 3890 £322/110k: Armagh producer 298k £960 £322/100k: Middletown producer 274k 3880 £321/100k: Castlewellan producer 262k £840 £321/100k: 352k £1100 £313/100k: Keady producer 352k £1100 £313/100k: Keady producer 334k £1040 £311/100k and Newtownhamilton producer 374k £1160 £310p/k.

An entry of 1570 sheep in Markethill on Monday 18th March included 1010 hoggets which continued to sell in an exceptionally strong trade.

Top quality heavy hoggets sold steadily from 650 – 692p/k for 25k at £173 from a Moy producer, followed by 686p/k for 24.5k at £168 from an Armagh producer.

Several pens of overweight hoggets sold, in probably the best ever trade, to a top of £194 for 34.2k, followed by £184 for 20.5, £184 for 28k and £182 for 28.7k. The entire entry of 530 heavy hoggets averaged 26.7k at £166 each.

Good quality midweight hoggets sold readily from 620-670p/k for 22.1k at £148 from a Richhill farmer, followed by 665p/k for 20.9k at £139 from a Keady producer

Stores sold to a top of 687p/k, 13.4k at £92, followed by 665p/k for 19.4k at £129 each.

300 cull ewes sold to a top of £210.

Main demand from £210 to £190 and plainer ewes from £70 to £100 each.

A full yard of breeding sheep returned an excellent demand with doubles to £330 and several more good quality doubles from £280 to £320.

Singles sold up to £265 with main demand from £170 to £230 each.

Heavy hoggets

Moy producer 25k £173 692p/k: Armagh producer 24.5k £168 686p/k: Clady producer 24.8k £169 682p/k: Armagh producer 25k £170 680p/k: Portadown producer 26k £176 677p/k: Newtownhamilton 25.9k £175 676p/k: Newtownhamilton producer 24.5k £165.50 676p/k and Portadown producer 25.5k £171 671p/k.

Midweight hoggets

Hamiltonsbawn producer 22.1k £148 670p/k: Keady producer 20.9k £139 665p/k: Clady producer 23.4k £153 654p/k: Loughbrickland producer 22.5k £147 653p/k: Dromore producer 23.3k £150.5 646p/k: Dromore producer 23.7k £152 641p/k: Armagh producer 21.9k £139 635p/k: Newry producer 22.4k £141 630p/k: Portadown producer 23.3k £146.50 629p/k: Newry producer 22.6k £142 628p/k and Tandragee producer 23.1k £145 628p/k.


Keady producer 13.4k £92 687p/k: Armagh producer 19.4k £129 665p/k: Richhill producer 19k £125 658p/k: Armagh producer 18k £118 656p/k: Newtownhamilton producer 19k £124 653p/k: Moy producer 18k £116 644p/k: Loughgall producer 19.9k £126.50 636p/k and Silverbridge producer 17k £105 618p/k.

Please note: No sheep sale on Easter Monday 1st April.

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