Boosting stocks’ immune systems prior to housing

While the grazing season that is 2021 just keeps on giving, the reality is that the coming weeks will see large numbers of stock brought indoors.

Paul Elwood, from HVS Animal Health (left), discussing plans for housing with Paul O’Hare, owner of Mayobridge Pharmacy in Co Down
Paul Elwood, from HVS Animal Health (left), discussing plans for housing with Paul O’Hare, owner of Mayobridge Pharmacy in Co Down
Paul Elwood, from HVS Animal Health (left), discussing plans for housing with Paul O’Hare, owner of Mayobridge Pharmacy in Co Down

It’s important that cattle’s’ immune systems are boosted prior to housing in order to allow them fend off the challenge of pneumonia and other similar diseases, once they are brought inside. Subsequent growth rates will also be impacted if these steps are not taken.

“With this in mind, farmers should drench young stock with Liquid Gold Cattle,” confirmed Paul Elwood of HVS Animal Health.

“The product contains all the mineral and vitamins required to boost animals’ immune systems. This is critically important at this time of the year.”

Paul added:“Worming and fluking will be crucially important prior to housing as will be the vaccination of young stock to prevent pneumonia. Drenching with Liquid Gold Cattle will help boost the uptake of the vaccine.”

Turning to the issue of silage quality Paul confirmed that many forages will be inherently low in minerals and trace elements this winter. He commented:“This is a consequence of the weather extremes recorded this year. Swards were impacted by drought in the early spring. This was followed by the exceptionally wet weather which characterised June and July.

“A reduction in mineral and trace mineral levels in forages will impact severely on the growth rates achieved by stores and suckled calves over the coming winter months.

“These key nutrients must, therefore, be supplemented in order to maintain performance levels over the coming winter months.”

Paul went on to point out that ‘HVS Liquid Gold Cattle’ contains all of the micro minerals and vitamins required by beef cattle and sheep with Zinc, Manganese, Copper and Iron made available solely in a chelated form.

“The products represent the next generation in chelated mineral and vitamin drenches,” he further explained

“Increasingly, farmers must seek to maximise the performance of their livestock. The Liquid Gold range has been developed to meet this specific requirement.”

Independent trial results have shown that cattle given HVS Liquid Gold recorded improved performance and profitability. Animals drenched with the product recorded daily liveweight gains that were, on average, 29.4% (9.9 kilos in 54 days) greater than those in the control group.

In addition, cattle drenched stood out for their more obvious thrive and bloom. Treated calves showed improved performance, vitality and appetite.

Liquid Gold Cattle can be given to breeding cows, store cattle, suckle calves and dairy replacements in order to boost fertility levels and growth rates. The dosage rates are: yearlings – 60 mls per head; weanlings- 50 mls per head and breeding stock – 100 mls per head.

Paul continued:“Liquid Gold has been used extensively by beef farmers across Northern Ireland. Invariably, the reports coming back confirm that stock drenched with the product look healthier, have put on more weight and have a better bloom on their coats the year round.”

He concluded: “Managing young stock at housing is crucially important. This year, cattle will be under stress due to the poor grazing conditions they have encountered since turnout in the Spring.

“Drenching them with HVS Liquid Gold Cattle will ensure that they get the micro minerals and vitamins they need in the run up to the housing season. This, in turn, will help improve their immune status, which is extremely low in many herds and maximise daily liveweight gains over the coming winter months.”

For further information, contact HVS Animal Health on (028) 44831700.