Breeding sheep selling to £300 for ewes with twin lambs at foot at Armoy Mart

Fat hoggets sold to £150 in record prices at last Wednesday night’s sale.

Thursday, 11th March 2021, 2:32 pm
Armoy Mart
Armoy Mart

Fat ewes sold to £168, breeding sheep selling to £300 for ewes with twin lambs at foot.

Leading prices


Wilson Carson, Cloughmills, 28kgs £150. Johnny Brown, Ballycastle, 30kgs £147. D O’Neill, Ballycastle, 27kgs £144. Richard Smyth, Ballymoney, 26kgs £147. Robert Sinclair, Bushmills 26kgs £147. Huey Brothers, Armoy, 23kgs £142. Paul McToal, Armoy, 28kgs £145. Alex McMullan, Glenariffe, 23kgs £142. Pat Dowds, Glarryford, 26kgs £142. Huey Brothers, Armoy, 25kgs £142. Pat McGarry, Loughguile, 24kgs £141. J Simpson, Armoy, 23kgs £138. Pat McKeague, Ballycastle, 25kgs £138. PJ Dougan, Coleraine, 20kgs £130. Pat McGarry, Ballycastle, 24kgs £141. Jas Newell, Ballymoney, 22kgs £136. Sam Craig, Ballycastle, 20kgs £125. B Kerr, Armoy, 21½kgs, £133. Richard Chambers, Ballycastle, 25kgs £141. Maurice McVicker, Bushmills, 23kgs £137.

Fat ewes

R Simpson, Ballymena, Texels, £168. V McCloskey, Loughguile, £140. M Simpson, Bushmills, crossbreds £140. A Wallace, Coleraine, Texels, £135. Pat Brown, Ballycastle, Texels, £135. C and E White, Ballycastle, Texels, £135. R Sinclair, Bushmills, Suffolks, £134. W McKinley, Armoy, Suffolks, £133. Eamon Connolly, Armoy, Texels, £132. W Carson, Cloughmills, Suffolk, £126. N McFarland, Eglington, £126.

Breeding ewes

PJ Dougan, Coleraine, b/m ewes with twins, £300. N McFarland, Eglington, spring ewes, 6, £182, 6, £166.

Pet lambs sold to £40.

Sale every Wednesday at 7.00pm.

Auctioneers: Daniel McAlister and Son.