Bullocks making £1630 at Pomeroy

There was a great trade in Pomeroy with bullocks making £1630/680 and heifers £1520/620kg.

By Ruth Rodgers
Thursday, 23rd June 2022, 9:41 am

Bullocks: S Jones £1630/680kg £1470/620kg £1430/630kg £1420/640kg £1410/630kg £1400/590kg £1380/600kg O Girvan £1580/610kg J Muldoon £1460/630kg £1420/600kg £1390/570kg £1370/530kg £1320/560kg £1280/550kg E Daly £1190/480kg £1170/450kg £1080/450kg £960/410kg £940/380kg £890/380kg £850/360kg £840/350kg C Hughes £1170/400kg B ODonnell £1100/410kg £1000/390kg £950/340kg £930/350kg £840/340kg M Fox £1060/410kg P Tuohey £1000/390kg £910/360kg M McWilliams £850/350kg D Gormley £800/300kg A Hawkes £710/340kg £580/280kg

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Heifers: O Girvan £1520/620kg £1450/590kg £1450/670kg S Barnes £1260/600kg £1200/560kg £1080/510kg R Burnside £1190/520kg £1170/460kg £1090/430kg £1070/490kg £1040/480kg K Herron £1110/420kg £860/360kg J Kelly £1080/460kg £970/420kg £930/450kg N Lagan £1030/450kg £860/360kg £830/420kg J McGuone £950/390kg £940/390kg £890/370kg £860/370kg £850/360kg M Nugent £760/300kg £630/260kg £590/270kg £580/230kg.