Bullocks sell to 1480 at Lisahally

A show at Lisahally with store bullocks selling to £1480/750kg, store bulls selling to £1340/650kg, store heifers selling to £1490/630kg and fat cows selling to £1142.80/840kg.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 4th November 2021, 1:04 pm

STORE BULLOCKS: P McShane £1480/750kg, £1350/670kg, G Kilkey £1460/280kg, D Wade £1350/620kg, £1300/630kg, W Donnell £1340/700kg, K Cunningham £1210/610kg, £1140/570kg, £1130/550kg, £1120/520kg, £1110/540kg, £1090/530kg, £1090/530kg, J McClelland £1100/460kg, £1080/510kg, P McDermott £1100/590kg, £1100/560kg, £1090/540kg, £1090/550kg,kg. £1010/510kg, £1000/540kg, £950/510kg, £950/450kg, K McConway £1100/480kg, £1080/500kg, £1020/470kg, M Rodgers £980/460kg, £920/420kg and D O’Hagan £880/480kg.

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STORE BULLS: D Wade £1340/650kg, G Kilkey £1320/710kg, P McDermott £1100/590kg, £990/570kg and S Steele £420/320kg.

STORE HEIFERS: G Crockett £1490/630kg, £1440/610kg, £1250/630kg, £1240/590kg, £980/560kg, S Dunlop £1450/620kg, £1100/530kg, G Kilkey £1290/670kg, £1160/590kg, £970/530kg, D O’Hagan £1260/430kg, £1100/560kg, £1050/520kg, £1050/460kg, £1040/550kg, £930/420kg, M O’Kane £1090/490kg, £1090/490kg, £980/440kg, K Cunningham £1080/540kg, £1030/540kg, £970/510kg, J McClelland £1070/470kg, £1050/500kg, A Hamilton £990/490kg, £970/480kg, M Rodgers £960/460kg, £950/440kg, £940/500kg and J McClelland £930/460kg.

FAT COWS: T Wilson £1142.40/840kg, £737.10/630kg, £644.80/520kg, WR Hamilton £998.30/670kg, H Colhoun £945/750kg, £723.60/670kg, £442.50/540kg, J Pollock £900/720kg, £781.20/630kg, T McCracken £884.40/660kg, J Blair £850.50/630kg, £847.90/610kg, £834.40/560kg, £775/620kg, £758.10/570kg, £753.50/550kg, £719.80/610kg, £685.40/460kg, £504/420kg, R Savage £803/550kg, £507.40/430kg, M McShane £451/550kg and W Young £381.60/530kg.