Bullocks sell to £1320 at Rathfriland Co-Op

There was a smaller entry of cattle on Friday at Rathfriland Co-Op with the online buyers being very active.

Wednesday, 12th January 2022, 9:24 am

The Dropped calf section contained calves up to 2 months old.  Topped to £400 for Angus Bull Calf for a Dromara Farmer, Weanling calves sold to £870 for a 436k Charolais Bullock from Dromara Farmer. Fat Cows topped £1160 for 704k Simmental, Heifers topped £780 for 410k Blue, Bullocks topped at £1320 for 636k Hereford,


Bull Calfs: Dromara Farmer Angus at £400, Ballyward Farmer Angus at £375, Newtownards Farmer Angus at £360, Angus at £360, Angus at £360, Angus at £355, Angus at £350, Warrenpoint Farmer Simmental at £350, Ballyward Farmer Angus at £340,

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Heifer Calfs: Rathfriland Farmer MBE at £375, Blue at £345, Warrenpoint Farmer Simmental at £320, Ballyward Farmer Angus at £300, Newtownards Farmer Angus at £280, Lisburn Farmer Limousin at £275, Ballyroney Farmer Limousin at £275, Newtownards Farmer Angus at £260,

WEANLING Male Calves: Kilkeel Farmer Charolais 202k at £590 (293), Ballyward Farmer Limousin 270k at £750 (278), Limousin 260k at £710 (273), Limousin 198k at £540 (272), Limousin 220k at £600 (272), Glenavy Farmer Charolais 320k at £780, Rostrevor Farmer SPK 406k at £770, Glenavy Farmer Charolais 302k at £760, Rostrevor Farmer Shorthorn 366k at £750, Ballyward Farmer Limousin 270k at £750, Rostrevor Farmer Shorthorn 388k at £730, Ballyward Farmer Limousin 260k at £710, Rostrevor Farmer SPK 372k at £700, Ballyward Farmer Limousin 272k at £620, Limousin 236k at £600,

Weanling Heifer Calves: Ballyward Farmer Limousin 204k at £570 (280), Lurgan Farmer Charolais 204k at £540 (265), Ballyward Farmer Shorthorn 180k at £460 (256), Glenavy Farmer Charolais 284k at £725 (255), Glenavy Farmer Charolais 344k at £795, Charolais 352k at £760, Ballyward Farmer Limousin 312k at £735, Lurgan Farmer Hereford 300k at £730, Glenavy Farmer Charolais 284k at £725, Charolais 286k at £720, Lurgan Farmer Angus 276k at £655, Angus 242k at £595, Charolais 290k at £575, Charolais 234k at £570,

Fat Cows

Fat cow sold to a flying trade, Ballynahinch Farmer Simmental 704k at £1160, Lurgan Farmer Simmental 708k at £1140, Ballynahinch Farmer Simmental 708k at £1040, Simmental 654k at £1030, Simmental 692k at £990, Ballynahinch Farmer Fr 642k at £960, Lurgan Farmer Shorthorn 542k at £950, Corbet Farmer Blue 516k at £820,

Store Heifers: Banbridge Farmer Blue 410k at £780, Castlewellan Farmer Limousin 340k at £720, Corbet Farmer Hereford 368k at £650,

Bullock’s: Ballyholland Farmer Limousin 250k at £660 (264), Kilkeel Farmer Charolais 338k at £840 (249), Ballyholland Farmer Limousin 380k at £880 (232), Limousin 214k at £480 (224), Rathfriland Farmer Hereford 636k at £1320, Angus 586k at £1220, Hereford 592k at £1200, Hereford 536k at £1160, Angus 532k at £1100, FCK 526k at £1100, Banbridge Farmer Hereford 484k at £1000, Hereford 472k at £995, Ballyholland Farmer Limousin 442k at £990, Banbridge Farmer Hereford 470k at £970,

Online bidding available via MARTBIDS.IE 

Tuesday evening saw a good show of stock and Lambs sell to a good trade. Fat Ewes selling to a flying trade this week again. A Hillsborough farmer topped the sale at £5.78 a kilo for 18.5kg at £107, Fat ewes topped at £178 for a Texel Ewe from a Armagh Farmer. More ewes over the £145 mark this week with plainer ewes from £130 to £140 each.

LIGHT LAMBS: Castlewellan Farmer 15.7k at £89.5, Hillsborough farmer: 18.5k at £107, Kilkeel Farmer 20kg at £117,

Hoggets: Corbet Farmer 31k at £134, Banbridge Farmer 24.5k at £122.5, Katesbridge Farmer 28k at £122, Kilkeel Farmer 26.2k at £122, Castlewellan Farmer 27k at £121.5, Kilkeel Farmer 25.5k at £120.5, Aramgh Farmer 23kg at £120.5, Loughall Farmer 24k at £120, Lisburn Farmer 26.6k at £120,

FAT EWES: Armagh farmer: £178, Newry farmer: £165, Armagh farmer: £146, Corbet farmer: £142, Armagh farmer: £138, Ballyward Farmer £134, Lisburn Farmer £130, Ballyward Farmer £129, Rathfriland Farmer at £126,

FAT RAMS: Castlewellan Farmer £156, Ballymartin Farmer £148, Rathfriland Farmer £142, £134.

Online bidding available via MARTBIDS.IE