Bullocks selling to £1450 for 700kg at Lisahally Mart

A bright outlook for cattle selling to great demand.
One of the lots in the ring at Lisahally. Pic Kevin McAuleyOne of the lots in the ring at Lisahally. Pic Kevin McAuley
One of the lots in the ring at Lisahally. Pic Kevin McAuley

Prices as follows:


David Devenney £1450/700kg, £1270/660kg, £1220/10kg, £1220/570kg, Danny Wade £1370/640kg, £1330/660kg, £1320/610kg, £1320/600kg, £1310/610kg, £1270/600kg, £1240/610kg, J Kelly £1240/590kg, £1210/590kg, Joseph Bryson £1230/620kg, Y Rodgers £1210/640kg, M Rodgers £1190/590kg Donald Fleming £1190/630kg, M and J McKinley £1190/580kg, £1170/590kg, Danny Wade £1180/580kg, I Moore £1180/560kg, £1160/540kg, £1160/530kg, Kenneth Johnston £1170/550kg, Y Rodgers £1170/630kg, Donald Fleming £1170/650kg, Joseph Bryson £1170/600kg, £1120/560kg, David Devenny £1170/570kg, £1160/560kg, Meadowbrook Farm £1160/760kg, £1120/690kg, £1130/710kg, £1100/660kg, Donald Fleming £1140/600kg, Kenneth Johnston £1140/560kg, William Barclay £1120/570kg and Joseph Bryson £1120/600kg.


William Young £1370/640kg, £1180/600kg, £1120/600kg, £1070/630kg, Owen McDevitt £1330/630kg, £1140/600kg, £1130/560kg, Joseph Bryson £1190/590kg, £1080/560kg, Margaret Gordan £1080/510kg, Robert Devine £1070/520kg, £1060/550kg, Gary Welch £1060/460kg, Mervyn Rodgers £1040/530kg, £1010/540kg, Margaret Gordan £1040/490kg, £1000/550kg, £990/470kg, Desmond McCrea £1030/570kg, Gary Alexander Walsh £990/440kg, £990/470kg, Robert Devine £990/460kg, Mervyn McCombe £990/460kg, £980/460kg and Joseph Bryson £980/540kg, £960/520kg.


Brendan Deery £1621.40/1210kg, Robert Devine £1182/600kg, Yvonne Rodgers £1092/840kg, Kenneth Walsh £1080/600kg, £972.40/680kg and J Snodgrass £958.80/680kg.

Another strong trade this week in all sections.

Fat lambs sold to £98.50/25kg, ewe lambs to £96, store lambs to £86 and fat ewes to £108.


Kenneth Walsh £98.50/25kg, James McKean £98/25kg, Wilton Golligher £97.50/28kg, E Wiley £97/26kg, Michael O’Hara £96.50/25kg, Ruth Hylands £96.50/25kg, Gary Hamilton £96/23kg, Jim Blair £96/24kg, R Clarke £95/26kg, Morris McDonald £95/24kg, Liam Gormley £95/24kg, John Adair £94.50/23kg, Hugh O’Connor £94/24kg, A Fleming £94/22kg, Trevor Hamilton £94/23kg, Ruth Hyland £93.50/23kg, A Glenn £93.50/23kg, Hugh O’Connor £93.50/23kg Norman Thompson £93.50/24kg, Robert Rutledge £93.50/23kg, Mary Devine £93/26kg, Robert Canpbell £92.50/22kg and Andrew Olphert £91/22kg.


John Murray £96, £96,£92, A Devlin £96, Gary Hamilton £94, Karen Monteith £94 and Kelly Farms £92.


Samuel Miller £86, £85, John Murray £86,G Russell £84, J and R Young £83, £80, Andrew Riley £80, J McClelland £80, S Miller £79, S Gaukt £77, S Miller £73. £71.50, Robert Waugh £71.50, Gareth Waugh £67.50, E and G O’Neill £65.50 and S Milller £61.


C McBride £166, John Adair £158, £154, Y Rodgers £152, £152, £146, C McBride £152, J Adair £150, Samuel O’Neill £142 and A and B Douglas £134.


W Golligher £108, Ruth Hylands £105,Stanley Gault £100, Hugh O’Connor £99, A Devlin £96, S Moore £96, £94, £91, Graham Russell £90, P O’Doherty £80, £76 and A and B Douglas £77.