Bullocks selling to £1580 at Lisahally

A busy night in Lisahally with bullocks making £1580/740kg and heifers £1350/620kg.


V Craig £1580/740kg £1520/690kg £1510/670kg £1490/680kg, A McDaid £1450/760kg £1360/700kg £1220/640kg £1200/620kg, H Killen £1370/660kg, M Thompson £1350/650kg £1160/580kg £1110/580kg, WR Matthews £1350/680kg £1340/640kg £1340/620kg, W Young £1300/550kg £1240/570kg £1100/510kg, SF Alcorn £1280/690kg £1250/680kg, S Sayers £1200/590kg £1200/560kg £1180/560kg £1110/530kg, DC Young £1190/520kg £1140/470kg £1120/500kg £1110/470kg £1080/490kg, D McElhatton £1080/510kg, L Barr £1060/480kg, P Donaghy £1020/480kg, G Hamilton £1000/470kg £920/430kg and W Bond £960/440kg.


S Sayers £1350/620kg £1350/620kg, D Andrew £1320/560kg £1180/480kg, J McWilliams £1320/520kg £1120/450kg, P Donaghy £1310/550kg, Glenamoyle Farms £1260/590kg, M Armstrong £1190/590kg, D Devine £1180/600kg £1160/570kg £1110/560kg, L Barr £1150/570kg £1130/570kg £1100/560kg £1090/480kg £1070/540kg £1030/480kg £950/440kg £940/490kg £900/430kg £860/420kg, P Donaghy £1030/490kg £900/430kg, W Bond £1010/450kg £890/390kg £850/400kg, P Lusby £940/390kg, D McElhatton £930/440kg and A Smyth £920/430kg.

Fat cows

T Montgomery £1702/1150kg, J Foster £1044/720kg, R Guy £1027/650kg and H Colhoun £1014/650kg.

A steady trade this week in Lisahally with lambs making £127 and fat ewes £176.


J McWilliams £127/30kg £128/29kg £121/23kg £96/17.50kg, M Blair £125.50/25.50kg £123.50/25kg, S Farrell £122/24kg, R Lowry £120.50/24kg, S Parkhill £118.50/24kg and D Carlin £118/25kg £117/23kg.


P McNicholl £176, G Douglas £172, S Porter £148, H Conn £148 £128, S Caskie £144, G Grieves £140, WT Patterson £140, M Whiteside £136, G Russell £130,G Cowan £128, S Caskie £128, D McGuinness £126 and C Nicholas £124.

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