Bullocks selling to £1630 at Lisahally Mart

A firm trade on Wednesday as bullocks sell to £1630/680kg and heifers to £1480/650kg.

Thursday, 24th June 2021, 3:29 pm


Aidan McLaughlin £1630/680kg, £1540/650kg, M McShane £1600/700kg, £1490/630kg, Olsen Allen £1360/730kg, £1150/640kg, £1140/640lkg, Steven Robinson £1040/490kg, £950/520kg, Camish Frams £880/520kg, £820/550kg, £780/540kg, Robert Waugh £810/390kg, £780/420kg, William Neely £750/350kg, J Snodgrass £750/320kg, Camish Farms £740/470kg, £740/480kg, Steven Robinson £730/390kg and Donald Young £730/280kg, £570/280kg.


Camish Farms £1480/650kg,£960/440kg, William Neely £1130/500kg, £1100/490kg, £980/480kg, £960/510kg, James McGuinness £910/540kg, £900/530kg, £850/510kg, William Neely £880/460kg, £880/480kg, £870/460kg, £860/460kg, £800/430kg, Christopher Throne £820/380kg, £650/360kg, £640/330kg, £620/340kg, S and D Whiteside £750/370kg and J Snodgrass £670/340kg, £660/240kg, £550/270kg, £300/140kg.

An exciting trade on Tuesday as lambs sell to £159 and fat ewes £148.

Fat lambs

J P McWilliams £159/25.6kg, A McLaughlin £122/30kg, JandH Carmichael £118/25kg £110/22kg, S McCay £118/24kg, F McAleer £118/26kg, G Hamilton £116.50/24kg, O J Parkhill £115/25kg, H Barbour £114/24kg, J McClelland £114/24kg, S Eaton £113/24kg, D Norris and Sons £113/23.5kg, W McLenaghan £113/24kg, A Scott £112/22kg, A Devlin £112/23kg, O Allen £110/24kg, £109/22kg, G Begley £110/24kg, E Wiley £110/21kg, J Patton £110/22kg, S Millar £110/22kg, S O’Neill £110/22kg, Kelly Farms £109/21kg, J O’Connor £108.50/22kg, N Nicholl £108/22kg, A Rainey £108/24kg, P Deeney £108/21kg, R Kennedy £107/21kg, A McMullan £107/21kg, N O’Brien £105/20kg, R Campbell £104/20kg £95/18g, P McCrory £101.50/20kg, W O’Hara £100/20kg £90/16kg, J McClelland £99/20kg, P McNicholl £99/20kg, H O’Kane £92/19kg and A McMullan £74/16kg.

Fat ewes

J P McWilliams £148, £148, M Doherty £136, J and H Foster £129, £119, £117, £104, J Gilfillan £120, £120, £106, Kelly Farms £112, W O’Hara £110 £93, £80, P Deeney £110, C Boyle £100, T A Irons £100 , £90, A Scott £99, W McGaughey £99, M Doherty £97, £95, £95, £90, S Eaton £96, R Campbell £95, S O’Neill £90, P Deeney £86, E Elder £80, £74, T Lagan £77 and F Stewart £77.

Ewes and lambs

C Dalton £154, M O’Hara £147.