Bullocks selling to £1700 at Lisahally Mart

An impressive sale on Wednesday as bullocks sell to £1700, heifers £1480/630kg and fat cows £1411.20/720kg.


J Donnell £1700/760kg, £1570/700kg, £1500/690kg, Philip McShane £1620/690g, £1570/750kg, £1530/670kg, £1500/660kg, £1500/630kg, £1470/660kg, D Wade £1380/610kg, £1320/610kg, £1290/580kg, £1290/630kg, £1260/590kg, £1100/570kg, Jean Sayers £940/540kg, £920/490kg, £800/530kg, Trevor Fyffe £890/520kg, Edward Quigley £860/500kg, Joward Lynn £840/420kg, £790/460kg, Robert Wallace £820/400kg, A Glenn £750/380kg, T Moore £750/360kg, £740/340kg, J Sayers £750/480kg, £720/450kg£720/460kg, £720/460kg, T Lynch £700/350kg, £690/320kg, £680/300kg, £670/300kg and B Caldwell £680/360kg, £680/370kg.


Robert Quigley £1480/630kg, £1450/10kg, £1340/580kg, Ross & Emily Hamilton £1280/570kg, £1260/580kg, £1260/570kg, £1230/590kg, £1150/550kg, £1060/540kg, £1000/510kg, Colin Gibson £1170/540kg, £1110/520kg, Annie Kee £1130/560kg, £1040/550kg, £980/520kg,£970/480kg, J Sproule £1080/580kg, £1050/570kg, Robert Bredin £1040/560kg, Annie Kee £1000/520kg, Brendan Caldwell £940/480kg, Keith Cunningham £940/470kg, £920/430kg, H Nicholl £940/430KG, Gregory Cassidy £920/480kg, Joseph Cunningham £890/450kg, £880/480kg, Colin Gibson £880/460kg, £860/430kg, £830/420kg, £820/420kg, Brendan Caldwell £880/490kg, £850/470kg, £820/450kg, Annie Kee £880/470kg, Andrew Stewart £870/470kg, Raymond Hylands £860/500kg, G Hamilton £860/490kg, Robert Wallace £850/460kg and R Bredin £840/420kg.


Robert McKean £1411.20/720kg, £1215/650kg, Kenneth Walsh £1291.50/630kg, £1209/620kg, S Cairns £1159/610kg, Andrew Stewart £1116/720kg, James McGaughey £1080/530kg, £980/520kg, Barclay Todd £986.kg, 70/690kg, S Cairns £962.50/550kg, J and H Foster £910.20/740kg, Robert Bredin £850/680kg, Thomas McDermott £834/600kg and Alexander Kerrogan £828/690kg, £726/660kg.

Sheep prices on fire this week.

Fat lambs selling to £110, store lambs £88.50 and fat ewes £147.


Peter McCloskey £110/32kg, £109/28kg,Stephen McCay £108/25kg, Robert McKean £107/37kg, Reid Clarke £107/28kg, R Olphert £107/27kg, Camish Farms £106/26kg, David Oliver £106/26kg, Charles McDevitt 105.50/27kg, M McShane £105/25kg, Reginald Hamilton £105/27kg, Roland Wilson £104.50/26kg, D Moore £104.50/26kg, Shane Burke £104/25kg, S Duncan £103.50/kg, John Connolly £103/24kg, Alan Guy £102.50/24kg, John Devine £102/24kg, Stephen McCay £102/24kg, R Hancock £102/24kg, A Devlin £102/24kg, £101.50/25kg, S Lynch £101.50/23kg, Alan Guy £101.50/24kg, Stuart Parkhill £101.50/24kg, Robert McKean £101/24kg ,Gary Hamilton £100/23kg, Kenneth Walsh £100/23kg, S and D Smyth £100/23kg, S McCay £99.50/24kg and William Douglas £99.50/23kg.


Colin Gibson £88.50, Alexander Roulston £88, John Ramsey £88, Philip Donaghy £88, G Hamilton £88, Norman McFarland £86, R Olphert £80, £78, Herbert Dixon £77 and Norman McFarland £65.


Gary Hamilton £147, S Johnston £146, Ballerena Est £104, A Devlin £102, Ronald Wilson £94, Roger Hayes £94, £92, Yvonee Rodgers £93, S Parkhill £91, Bellarena Est £89, £79 and Robert McKean £78.

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