Bullocks selling to £1750 at Lisahally

Cattle sold to great demand on Wednesday as bullocks selling to £1750/730kg.

Thursday, 13th January 2022, 12:42 pm

Heifers selling to £1450/630kg.


Philip McShane £1750/730kg, £1690/720kg, £1650/760kg, £1550/1650kg, £1520/680kg, W Matthews £1470/680kg, £1450/640kg, £1320/680kg,Thomas Whiteside £1440/660kg, £1430/620kg, £1420/690kg, £1410/640kg, £1400/680kg, £1350/640kg, £1340/630kg, £1280/590kg, £1260/590kg, £1190/590kg, Robert Blackburn £1320/660kg, £1300/620kg, George Hamilton £1310/680kg, Alexander McLaughlin £1240/580kg, W Matthews £1220/670kg, Raymond Ross £1130/540kg, George Hamilton £1090/610kg, £1070/550kg, John Beattie £1080/570kg, £1060/570kg, £1060/580kg, Stephen McCay £1080/590kg, £1070/610kg, £920/580kg, Raymond Ross £1000/470kg and George Hamilton £990/540kg, £970/510kg, £850/470kg.

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Alexander McLaughlin £1450/630kg, Noel Neely £1390/560kg, Thomas Whiteside £1320/670kg, £1260/620kg, £1250/660kg, £1250/620kg, £1210/610kg, £1200/580kg, £1200/620kg, £1200/650kg, £1180/560kg, £1180/590kg, £1170/570kg, £1130/580kg, £1120/530kg, Alexander McLaughlin £1290/590kg, £1280/580kg, £1140/540kg, Gary Hamilton £11270/620kg, W NcDevitt £1170/540kg, Gary Hamilton £1160/590kg, Noel Neely £1130/500kg, £1100/490kg, John Beattie £1120/620kg, £1070/520kg, Thomas Whiteside £1100/580kg, £1100/580kg, £1090/540kg, John Young £1070/520kg, £1050/500kg, £1010/460kg, £1000/560kg and Noel Neely £1050/490kg, £1040/510kg.

Fat lamb prices remain strong this week selling to £124.50/25kg and fat ewes £132.

Fat lambs

C McCrudden £124.50/25kg, James Sheppard £124/28kg, O Rosborough £124/28kg, James McGee £124/25kg, R McCrudden £124/27kg, James Sheppard £124/28kg, O Rosborough £124/26kg, Rodney Hutchinson £123.50/26kg, Michael O’Hara£123/24kg, John Dodds £120.50/24kg, S Lynch £119.50/24kg, R Quigley £119/24kg, Ruth Hylands £119/24kg, Roland Wilson £118.50/24kg, A Kernaghan £117/24kg, Alan Guy £116.50/22kg, W McLaughlin £115/24kg, Rodney Hutchinson £115/22kg, A Hegerty £108.50/20kg, S Carmichael £104.50/21kg and Graham Russell £103/20kg.

Fat ewes

Kenneth Johnston £132, James McGee £130, Alistair Craig £130, Martin Doherty £130, D Moore £128, £124, Hilary Deery £120, £116, Thomas Irons £115, Kenneth Johnston £110, H Deery £110, P Anderson £105, G Story £104, McAteer Brothers £103, Alistair Craig £103 and David Martin £102.