Bullocks selling to £1870/660kg at Lisahally and fat cows to £1859.20

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Prices were on fire on Wednesday at Lisahally Mart, cattle sold to a top trade across all sections.

Fat cows sell to £1859.20/830kg, weanlings up to £1240, bullocks £1870/660kg and heifers £1820/640kg.

Fat cows

M and W Lyons £1859.20/830kg, £1599/650kg, £1548.80/640kg,Craig Blair £1598/680kg, £1373.40/630kg, Robert Black £1506/810kg, Hilary Deery £1411.80/780kg, M and J McKinley £1357.20/780kg, J and H Foster £1280.20/740kg, Terence McCracken £1264.40/580kg, M and W Lyons £1259.60/670kg, Craig Blair £1245.60/720kg, Robert Black £1216.80/780kg, M and J McKinley £1186.80/690kg, £1059.50/650kg, Raymond Deery £1162/700kg, Kenneth Buchanan £1144/650kg, £1122/600kg and John Ramsey £1075.80/660kg.

Lisahally MartLisahally Mart
Lisahally Mart

Weanlings male

Arnold Whiteside £1240/280kg, £980/370kg, Mervyn Whiteside £1010/330kg, Robert Black £930/440kg, William Buchanan £880/410kg, £860/410kg, £840/410kg, £840/390kg, £830/380kg, £770/340kg, £730/320kg, £700/340kg, Mervyn Whiteside £820/300kg, £800/280kg, Robert Black £800/340kg and Thomas Moore £640/320kg.

Weanlings female

Arnold Whiteside £1200/390kg. £1130/430kg, £1040/370kg, £1000/350kg, £100/390kg, Thomas Whiteside £1150/390kg, £1140/400kg, £1110/410kg, £1010/360kg and Mervyn Whiteside £1020/350kg, £1000/350kg, £960/330kg, £950/310kg, £730/290kg.


Jonathan Sayers £1870/660kg, £1760/640kg, £1750/620kg, W Kennedy £1690/740kg, Thomas Kennedy £1620/680kg, £1570/680kg, £1500/630kg, £1500/660kg, £1480/630kg, £1440/590kg, £1400/620kg, £1400/610kg, £1400/Winston Young £1560/640kg, Eric Christie £1500/580kg, Thomas Whiteside £1490/630kg, £1470/580kg, £1450/540kg, £1430/510kg, £1400/580kg, £1390/590kg, £1390/630kg, £1390/630kg, £1380/570kg, £1370/540kg, £1370/510kg, £1360/540kg, £1340/510kg, £1340/570kg, £1340/500kg, £1320/520kg, £1320/560kg, £1300/560kg, £1290/540kg, £1270/550kg, DC Young £1440/590kg, Winston Young £1420/630kg, Eric Christie £1410/560kg, W Kennedy £1400/620kg, £1300/560kg, £1300/550kg, £1280/540kg, £1260/550kg, £1250/540kg, Joseph Cunningham £1350/520kg, DC Young £1290/500kg, Thomas Whiteside £1280/490kg, £1260/480kg, £1250/490kg, £1240/480kg, SF Alcorn £1260/600kg, £1250/630kg, £1240/540kg, £1190/580kg, £1140/520kg, W Kennedy £1230/510kg, £1220/480kg, £1210/480kg, Keith Cunningham £1210/470kgm Thomas Whiteside £1190/440kg, £1140/410kg, £1120/440kg, £1100/440kg, S Alcorn £1050/490kg, Mervyn Whiteside £1010/330kg, Gerard Martin £1000/380kg, £990/390kg and Arnold Whiteside £980/370kg.


Jonathan Sayers £1820/640kg, £1790/630kg, Thomas Whiteside £1570/630kg, £1430/500kg, Winston Young £1430/600kg, W Kennedy £1400/590kg, £1400/660kg, £1360/600kg, £1340/600kg, £1250/550kg, £1240/560kg, Robert Black £1380/680kg, Eric Christie £1380/540kg, Malcolm Young £1380/610kg, John McClelland £1310/540kg, £1260/480kg, Winston Young £1290/500kg, Thomas Whiteside £1290/530kg, £1240/450kg, £1200/480kg, £1150/390kg, James Thompson £1220/530kg, John Beattie £1220/560kg, £1170/530kg, Arnold Whiteside £100/390kg, Keith Cunningham £1200/500kg, £1180/510kg, £1170/480kg, Patrick OConnor £1160/480kg, £1140/470kg, John McClelland £1160/440kg, £1090/400kg, Thomas Whiteside £1140/400kg, £1110/410kg, John Beattie £1130/520kg, £1130/510kg, £1130/500kg, £1120/520kg, £1120/500kg, £1100/500kg, £1080/500kg, £1070/520kg, Arnold Whiteside £1130/430kg and Robert Black £1080/390kg.