Bullocks selling to £2000 for 830kg and heifers to £1780 at Lisahally

A cold night made the trade a little hotter in the ring with bullocks making £2000/830kg and heifers £1780/720kg.


P McShane £2000/830kg £1910/800kg J Beattie £1260/550kg £1250/540kg £1210/560kg £1190/550kg K Hamilton £1230/530kg £1190/500kg £1180/510kg £1120/490kg £1090/460kg R Maxwell £1060/540kg and B Carton £840/300kg £740/260kg £660/290kg.


Lisahally MartLisahally Mart
Lisahally Mart

K McShane £1780/720kg £1770/700kg £1750/670kg £1610/690kg K Hamilton £1210/540kg £1180/520kg £1100/490kg J Beattie £1160/560kg £1160/540kg £1080/530kg B Carton £700/280kg £650/250kg £600/250kg £500/200kg and J Neely £640/260kg £620/270kg.

Fat cows

D Devine £1404/650kg J Dodds £1280/650kg G McGinn £1262/610kg £1210/580kg and S Cairns £1244/510kg.

A firm trade for sheep this week with fat lambs making £125/27kg and store lambs £104/21kg.


C McDevitt £125/27kg J O'Connor £124/31kg J Young £124/27.5kg A Hogg £124/28kg R Clarke £122/25.5kg J Patton £121/26kg J McWilliams £120/24.5kg L Gormley £119/25kg E Wiley £119/25kg S Johnston £118/24.5kg C Boyle £118/27kg K Johnston £117/25kg M McDonald £117/23.5kg A Fleming £114/23kg P McNicholl £112/23.5kg G Crockett £111.50/22.5kg H O'Connor £110/23.5kg £104/21kg D Martin £109/22kg M McKinley £104.50/22kg J O'Connor £100/22kg £95/20.5kg W O'Hara £97/20.5kg and M McDonald £95/20kg.


G Crockett £129 £116 H McManus £122 £118 £105 K McCracken £119 £110 £108 W Patterson £115 H O'Connor £114 B McSorley £114 £108 £105 and D Martin £109.

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