Bullocks topping at £1980 at Lisahally

A firm trade this Wednesday night with bullocks topping £1980/760kg and fat cows making £1709.
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G Miller £1980/760kg £1670/670kg £1630/650kg £1610/650kg. R Loughery £1500/630kg £1360/630kg £1290/590kg. Aurara Farms £1390/590kg £1380/550kg. R Maxwell £1310/670kg £1280/590kg £1230/620kg £1200/610kg £1190/590kg £1170/560kg £1160/550kg. W Smyth £1270/560kg. M Townley £1270/540kg £1190/490kg £1180/510kg £1130/500kg £1090/470kg. P Donaghy £1250/560kg. H Sayers £1240/520kg £1200/470kg £1200/510kg £1180/490kg £1060/460kg £1020/490kg. Kelly Farms £1090/580kg. H Colhoun £1070/460kg. R Rankin £1030/540kg £1000/510kg. G Donaghy £920/450kg.


M and W Lyons £1510/600kg £1400/610kg £1370/590kg. S Conway £1360/540kg £1150/470kg £1140/490kg £1080/500kg. E Christie £1260/570kg £1260/560kg £1060/530kg. HL and A Colhoun £1160/570kg £1040/520kg £1030/500kg. W Young £1150/530kg £1110/560kg £1080/500kg £1000/510kg. W Smyth £1140/590kg £1090/590kg. H Sayers £1100/490kg. K King £1000/500kg. S Galbraith £890/440kg £650/310kg. M Townley £880/420kg £850/400kg. R Rankin £860/430kg.

A large entry of sheep this Tuesday night with breeding ewes topping £187 and fat ewes £160.


J McWilliams £110/25kg. M Devine £106/29kg £104/26kg. J and H Carmichael £102/26kg. J McClelland £102/27kg. H O’Connor £100/25.5kg. B Dooher £100/25.5kg. P O’Neill £100/24kg. S Parkhill £99/25kg. Kelly Farms £99/24.5kg. S Johnston £99/24kg. M Millar £99/23.5kg. K Walsh £97.50/24kg. W Knobb £97/23kg. A McLaughlin £96.50/23.5kg. S McCay £96.50/23kg £94/22.5kg. N Thompson £95.50/23.5kg. A Gillan £95.50/23.5kg. T Henderson £95/22.5kg. S O’Neill £95/22kg. B McCullagh £94.50/23kg. A Kernaghan £94/22.5kg. K Bryson £94/22kg. N O’Brien £93.50/22.5kg. J Patton £93/22.5kg.


D Donaghey £160 £140 £130 £125. P Anderson £150. M McCorkell £130 £124. J McKean £128. J McClelland £122. P McNicholl £120. W Knobbs £117. M Devine £116. T Hamilton £116. R Wilson £112. M Millar £107. S Millar £102. R O’Kane £100.


T Wilson £187 £179 £165. P Holmes £170 £166 £158 £120. J Adair £162. C Connell £148 £142. C McCrudden £146. J McLaughlin £145. H Reilly £144 £138. JJ Dalton £140. W Goligher £140.

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