Cattle trade remains firm at Markethill

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A weekly throughput of 800 cattle included 410 head at Markethill on Saturday 25th May. Trade in all rings remained very firm.

The 110 heifers included several pens of beef heifers being sold to a top of £313 per 100k for 640k at £2010 from an Armagh producer, followed by £302 per 100k for 660k at £2020 from a Camlough farmer. A Katesbridge producer received £279 for 670k at £1880 and £277 for 680k at £1900.

Forward feeding heifers sold up to £365 per 100k for 540k at £1980 from a Dromore producer, followed by £310 for 590k at £1840 from a Dromore farmer. All good quality forward heifers sold from £260 - £300 per 100k.

Midweight heifers sold up to £344 per 100k for 390k at £1340 from a Rostrevor producer. The same owner received £327 for 410k at £1340. All good quality grazing heifers sold from £260 - £321 per 100k.

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Good quality forward bullocks sold from £260 - £300 per 100k for 536k at £1610 from a Banbridge farmer. The same owner received £291 for 560k at £1630.

Beef bullocks sold up to £269 per 100k for 670k at £1800 from a Dromore farmer. The same owner received £264 for 720k AA at £1920.

Midweight steers sold from £260 - £304 per 100k for 420k at £1300 from a Tynan farmer, a Banbridge producer received £292 for 470k at £1380.

Good quality Friesian bullocks sold from £200 - £230 per 100k for 656k at £1510 from a Cullyhanna farmer and a top price of £1620 for 720k (£224) from a Tandragee farmer.

The 220 weanlings sold in an excellent demand with good quality light heifers selling to £426 per 100k for 244k at £1040 from a Tynan farmer. The same owner received £392 for 288k at £1130 and £386 for 350k at £1350. All good quality light heifers from £280- £360 per 100k.

Stronger heifers sold from £270 - £370 for 416k at £1540 from a Tynan farmer, followed by £315 for 416k at £1310 from a Dromara farmer.

Light male weanlings sold to £374 per 100k for 262k at £980 from a Co Fermanagh producer. The same owner received £373 for 290k at £1090 and a Portadown farmer also received £373 for 260k at £970. Main demand from £270 - £370 per 100k.

Stronger males sold to £312 per 100k for 404k at £1260 from a Cullyhanna farmer. AA males sold to £286 for 496k at £1420 from a Forkhill farmer, followed £285 for 404k at £1150 from a Katesbridge farmer. Main demand from £250- £280 per 100k.

Cows and calves sold to a top of £2550 for a Lim cow and heifer calf from a Jonesborough producer, The same owner received £2340 for A Char cow and heifer calf. A Belleeks farmer sold a BB heifer and heifer calf at £1800.

Breeding bulls sold up to £3500 for a Lim from a Whitecross farmer and a Jonesborough producer received £2720 for a Lim bull and a Newry farmer sold a Lim bull at £2200.


Armagh producer 642k £2010 313p/k: Camlough producer 668k £2020 302p/k: Katesbridge producer 674k £1880 279p/k: 686k £1900 277p/k: Armagh producer 632k £1740 275p/k: Camlough producer 630k £1710 271p/k.


Dromore producer 542k £1980 365p/k: 594k 31840 310p/k: Katesbridge producer 604k £1860 308p/k: Newcastle producer 536k £1600 299p/k: 526k £1510 287p/k: Gilford producer 550k £1575 286p/k: Cullyhanna producer 516k £1460 283p/k: Gilford producer 572k £1600 280p/k: 550k £1520 276p/k.


Rostrevor producer 390k £1340 344p/k: 410k £1340 327p/k: Dromore producer 436k £1400 321p/k: Pomeroy producer 480k £1510 315p/k: Katesbridge producer 364k £1140 313p/k: Armagh producer 388k £1190 307p/k: Dromore producer 380k £1160 305p/k: Markethill producer 394k £1160 294p/k: Forkhill producer 408k £120 299p/k: Markethill producer 422k £1240 294p/k.


Tynan producer 428k £1300 304p/k: Banbridge producer 472k £1380 292p/k: Dromore producer 490k £1300 265p/k: Dromara producer 486k £1280 263p/k: Tynan producer 450k £1180 262p/k: 416k £1090 262p/k: Tandragee producer 478k £1250 261p/k.


Banbridge producer 536k £1610 300p/k: 560k £1630 291p/k: 528k £1530 290p/k: Gilford producer 564k £1610 285p/k: Banbridge producer 538k £1510 281p/k: Armagh producer 568k £1590 280p/k: Banbridge producer 528k £1470 278p/k: 530k 31470 277p/k: Armagh producer 530k £1450 274p/k.


Dromore producer 670k £1800 269p/k: 728k £1920 264p/k: 684k £1800 263p/k: Banbridge producer 674k £1750 260p/k: Dromore producer 698k £1760 252p/k.


Cullyhanna producer 656k £1510 230p/k: Tandragee producer 724k £1620 224p/k: Tandragee producer 608k £1360 224p/k: Forkhill producer 508k £1080 213p/k.


Belleek producer 262k £980 374p/k: 292k £1090 373p/k: Portadown producer 260k £970 373p/k: Belleek producer 260k £950 365p/k: Rathfriland producer 282k £1020 362p/k: Dromara producer 322k £1140 354p/k: Rathfriland producer 314k £1100 350p/k: Dromara producer 320k £1120 350p/k: Rathfriland producer 318k £1090 343p/k: Enniskillen producer 358k £1200 335p/k.


Cullyhanna producer 404k £1260 312p/k: Forkhill producer 496k £1420 286p/k: Katesbridge producer 404k £1150 285p/k: Forkhill producer 480k £1350 281p/k: 442k £1240 281p/k: Newry producer 474k £1310 276p/k: Portadown producer 454k £1250 275p/k: Lisburn producer 408k £1120 275p/k.


Tynan producer 244k £1040 426p/k: 288k £1130 392p/k: 350k 31350 386p/k: 268k £1030 384p/k: 260k £970 373p/k: 290k £1040 359p/k: 336k £1230 366p/k: 376k £1360 362p/k: 302k £1060 351p/k: 398k £1375 346p/k.


Tynan producer 416k £1540 370p/k: Dromara producer 416k £1310 315p/k: Tynan producer 410k £1290 315p/k.

Banbridge producer 446k £1260 283p/k: Hamiltonsbawn producer 414k £1130 273p/k.

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