Champion Blackface breeder stocks up

Veronica Fullerton is pictured buying another 2.5L of Super Booster at John McConnell’s Animal Health Store.

Tuesday, 14th September 2021, 8:21 am

Veronica has used Super Booster for the past year and is very happy with the health and condition of her flock.

Super Booster is a modern state of the art tonic formulated by experts to improve health, thrive and fertility in sheep.

Only the best chelation trace elements are used to ensure maximum Bio availability with sustained release of nutrients over an eight week period.

Super Booster is one of 400 brilliant products produced by Mervue Laboratories and exported to 60 different countries worldwide.

The usual price of Super Booster is £75.00 for 2.5L, however for the next two weeks there is a very special offer of £50.00 for 2.5L.

Super Booster can be used in breeding stock prior to tupping and four weeks before lambing. It can also be given to store lambs after weaning then repeated every eight weeks.

Super Booster with copper must not be given to pure bred Texels or other continental breeds.

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