City of Derry YFC members keep busy during lockdown

Many City of Derry Young Farmers’ Club members were delighted to get off school during Covid-19 to be at home on their family farms.

Andrew Mackey out on the quad checking the cows
Andrew Mackey out on the quad checking the cows

Many have been kept busy between lambing, calving and cutting silage. YFCU had set a challenge which was a Big Clean Up challenge as this year’s theme was ‘ 90 Years of Change and Challenge.’

It was a great initiative for all members within the YFCU to get involved in as fly-tipping has had a 300% increase of inappropriate disposal waste.

All members had to clean up round their local areas and roads.

Club secretary Emma Montgomery and sister Lynne Montgomery delivered leaflets to some of the club's vice presidents in their local area

A few City of Derry YFC members had each done up to 1.7km each of collecting litter to help to keep their countryside litter free.

This year some competitions have been a lot different to usual as Covid-19 has changed a lot of these circumstances.

The demonstration 
presentation final went virtual on Zoom and members Jemma Gamble and Lynne Montgomery did their various presentations through Zoom.

Well done to Lynne Montgomery who came in 2nd place inthe 21-25 age category in the Northern Ireland final.

Alix Dalzell enjoying being out and about with her dog

During May Young Farmers’ Clubs of Ulster introduced the virtual stock-judging competitions with dairy stock judging being the first.

City of Derry YFC had 28 members participating in this competition.

Well done to Jessica Dunlop who came first in the 12-14 age category for the dairy stock judging.

Members look forward to taking part in the virtual sheep and beef competitions within the next few weeks.

Jessica Dunlop enjoying time away from the home schooling

Monday 18th May was the start of Mental Health Awareness Week. Members Lynne Montgomery and Wendy Canning both completed the Online Suicide Prevention Training for Zero Suicide - remembering ‘It’s ok, not to be ok!’

Club secretary Emma and sister Lynne Montgomery spent their Saturday afternoon delivering leaflets to some of the club’s vice president’s in their local area, helping to promote Rural Support’s Across the Hedgerow on behalf of the Young Farmers’ Clubs of Ulster.

Members of the club are more than happy to have a chat with anyone that may need to - ‘ Don’t Suffer in Silence!’

Covid-19 has made a big difference to the competition year, but the club look forward to seeing all members very soon.

Club member Adam Moore collecting Litter along his roads in the rural area

Remember the club are ‘Here to Help!’

For any more information contact club secretary Emma Montgomery on 07510084936 or find the club on Facebook ‘ City of Derry YFC’

Lynne Montgomery gathering a vast amount of litter in the countryside
Club Secretary Emma Montgomery along with all the bags of Litter she had collected within her 1.7km Clean Up Challenge
Junior member Zhara Moore welcomed 11 baby rabbits into the world
Hannah Killen helping out on the family farm clipping their Holstein cows tails
Timothy Lynch keeping up to date with vaccinating his Dorset ewes