Colourful finale at Hagans Croft

Saturday August 13 saw the final of Hagan’s Croft’s Summer dressage league.

Horses and riders were turned out immaculately and some very accurate tests were ridden in front of judge Coreen Abernethy.

The final was open to all competitors, although only those who had qualified where entitles to be placed within the league, therefore two separate prize giving’s took place.

The Intro class has had fantastic entries throughout the league therefore the top six placings were all up for grabs on the day and within the league.

Cathryn McCarroll, Maggie May


On the day Cathryn McCarroll and her colourful mare Maggi May saluted to a score of 70.65% and first place, this score also secured them the top spot within the Intro league.

Cathryn was delighted to be going home with a beautifully embroidered Hagans Croft numnah for all their efforts.

Nicole Galbraith and HVL Lucky Strike finished in second place on the day with 70.22% and third in the intro league. Second in the Intro league went to Helen Sawey and ‘Gannon Star’.

Onto the Newcomers class, where it was very encouraging to see good attendance each week, as this class was primarily added for those wishing to move up a level from a walk trot intro test to a prelim test which introduces canter transitions.


Delilah Dillon, Don Franco

However no one actually was qualified for league placing in this class so it was just placings on the day.

Alana Eadie and Delilah Dillon both finished on scores of 66.07%, therefore it was down to who had the highest collective mark and that was Alana and Fern therefore claimed the red ribbon.

Delilah and ‘Don Franco’ claimed the blue rosette.


Next on the schedule was a Dressage Ireland Prelim test. Anna McErlean and ‘Roo’ were consistently high scoring throughout the league and once again Saturday seen them salute to 75% and first place.

Alana Eadie, Fern

Karina McVeigh and ‘Coco’ were delighted with second place with their score of 73.65%.

After both competitors best three scores were totted together there was no change in placings on the day and within the league the red league rosette went to Anna McErlean and ‘Roo’.


They were quietly pleased to come home with the Beautifully embroidered Hagans Croft numnah. Karina was second overall in the prelim league and received a large lick-it tub for Coco to enjoy.

Laura Fekkes and ‘Finn’ made light work of the British Dressage Novice test, they were awarded first place on the day for their score of 73.75%, which also secured them first place within the Novice League.

Karina McVeigh, Coco

Hot on their heels was Shenade Duggan and ‘Henry’ who finished on a score of 72.92% on the day and the blue ribbon.


League placings remained the same with Laura claiming the red Novice league ribbon and Shenade claimed the blue league ribbon. Great sportsmanship between both competitors.

Three competitors took on the challenge of the Elementary class were a British dressage test was ridden, once again it was a winning day for Laura Fekkes and ‘Finn’ who came home with both the red ribbon on the day and the red league ribbon. This pair have both worked so hard over the past five weeks and this reward is very well deserved.

Michael Boyd and ‘VSH James Bond’ secured both blue ribbons for the elementary class on the day and for the league.

Hagans Croft would like to thank Michael for taking the time out of his own busy schedule to support another venue with his entourage horses and riders.


Hagans Croft would like to thanks all of the competitors who supported this event throughout the five weeks.

Anna McErlean, Roo

They would also like to thank judge, Coreen Abernethy, scribes and stewards who keep the event running so smoothly every week.

The organisers would also like to thank Black Horse photography for covering the event throughout the five weeks .


Hagan’s Croft is now preparing to start their three week competition entitled ‘Show Jumping Summer Blow Out!’ which starts on Saturday August 27.

This event has classes suitable for everyone and is pre-entry only with entries closing each Thursday at 8pm.

To enter visit Hagans Croft’s website at or download the Hagans Croft App.