Competitors embrace World Kindness Day at the Causeway Coast Arena

The competitors at Causeway and Glens riding club dressage for World Kindness Day certainly embraced the theme with their camaraderie and support of each other and the club.

It was a relaxed atmosphere, which was only broken by the sound of applause for each competitor as they completed their test.

Coreen Abernethy, the judge, complimented all the combinations on their turnout and test riding. Annabel Brown with her pony, Ebony took the win in the first class riding the Pony Club 2022 walk trot test.

A delighted Stuart McCulloch claimed first place with a score of 69.54% in a hotly contested class 2, riding BD prelim 7 with his horse Flash.

Debbie Allen with Rose of Gethsemane

A very close second with a score of 69.31% was Janene Gamble with Braeview Little Lion Man and in third place Amy Steele with Bentley on a score of 65.68%.

Class 3 saw the combinations riding BD Prelim 18 and Deborah Allen with her beautiful Rose of Gethsemane took top honours with a score of 75.76%.

Rosie Alcorn and Goodwins Whoopi claimed second place with 74.42% and Susan Stokesberry with Amiro Dawn in third on 71.92%.

The final class of the day saw very close scores, all competitors riding BD Novice 30 but again, Deborah Allen and the ever-consistent Rose of Gethsemane claimed the top spot on 70.38% with Gillian Holmes and Paddock Clover Flight a close second on 68.07%.

Annabel Brown winner of class 1

The show was in aid of RDA Causeway Coast and Glens and the show organisers would like to extend thanks to all who supported the show as a competitor and spectator.

Thank you to the judge Coreen Abernethy and scribe Diane O’Donovan. Gwen Greer, thank you for tirelessly crunching the numbers to score the tests.

Sarah Brooks, thank you for helping set up the dressage arena and thank you to Christine Hankin and RDA staff /volunteers who helped to prepare the facilities for the show.

To all who gave of their time prior to and on the day, thank you.

Stuart McCulloch and Flash

The next event in November, will be a pole-work clinic with Mandi King on 27th November at Causeway Coast Arena.

Bookings to be made online and you can also find this information on our Facebook page.


Class 1 Pony Club 2022 Walk-Trot Test

Susan Stokesberry and Amiro Dawn

1st Annabel Brown, Ebony

Class 2 BD Prelim 7

1st Stuart McCulloch, Flash

2nd Janene Gamble, Braeview Little Lion Man

3rd Amy Steele, Bentley

4th Susan Stokesberry, Amiro Dawn

Kirsty McAuley delighted with her score

5th Vicki Dible, Sam

6th Kirsty McAuley, Paddy

Class 3 BD Prelim 18

1st Deborah Allen, Rose of Gethsemane

2nd Rosie Alcorn, Goodwins Whoopi

3rd Susan Stokesberry, Amiro Dawn

4th Janene Gamble, Braeview Little Lion Man

Class 4 BD Novice 30

1st Deborah Allen, Rose of Gethsemane

2nd Gillian Holmes, Paddock Clover Flight

3rd Rosie Alcorn, Goodwins Whoopi

4th Jane Smith, Squirrel