Cow and calf sold to £1720 at Hilltown Mart

Saturday at Hilltown: Fat cows - Rostrevor farmers-£1640 for 810kg (202ppk), £1250 for 674kg (185ppk).

Monday, 15th March 2021, 11:55 am
Updated Monday, 15th March 2021, 5:07 pm

Hilltown farmer-£1400 for 712kg (196ppk). Kilkeel farmer-£1230 for 740kg (166ppk), £1180 for 748kg (157ppk). Dromore farmer-£1140 for 660kg (172ppk). Kilcoo farmer-£1120 for 826kg (135ppk). Annaclone farmer-£1090 for 698kg (156ppk).

Cows with calves at foot - Kilkeel farmer-£1720, £1290.

Weanling heifers - Castlewellan farmer-£950 for 390kg (243ppk). Rostrevor farmers-£950 for 508kg (187ppk), £910 for 380kg (239ppk), £900 for 376kg (239ppk), £850 for 418kg (203ppk), £820 for 346kg (237ppk). Kilkeel farmer-£930 for 396kg (234ppk), £830 for 388kg (239ppk). Attical farmer-£860 for 396kg (217ppk). Hilltown farmer-£840 for 370kg (227ppk).

Weanling bullocks - Kilkeel farmer-£1110 for 438kg (253ppk). Rostrevor farmer-£1080 for 452kg (238ppk). Castlewellan farmer-£1070 for 502kg (312ppk), £1030 for 490kg (210ppk), £1000 for 470kg (212ppk). Kilkeel farmer-£990 for 384kg (257ppk), £980 for 386kg (253ppk). Attical farmer-£970 for 460kg (210ppk), £960 or 348kg (275ppk). Hilltown farmer-£940 for 448kg (209ppk).

Heifers- Hilltown farmer-£1500 for 668kg (224ppk), £1420 for 696kg (204ppk), £1180 for 530kg (222ppk), £1150 for 560kg (205ppk), £1100 for 502kg (219ppk), £1080 for 478kg (225ppk). Kilkeel farmer-£1250 for 604kg (207ppk), £1210 for 564kg (214ppk). Rostrevor farmer-£1230 for 582kg (211ppk). Mayobridge farmer-£1090 for 572kg (201ppk). Castlewellan farmer-£1060 for 588kg (180ppk).

Bullocks - Kilkeel farmer-£1640 for 700kg (234ppk), £1540 for 734kg (209ppk). Hilltown farmer-£1590 for 706kg (225ppk), £1490 for 662kg (225ppk), £1440 for 684kg (210ppk), £1420 for 728kg (195ppk), £1370 for 618kg (221ppk). Newry farmer-£1500 for 646kg (232ppk), £1480 for 672kg (220ppk), £1430 for 678kg (210ppk), £1330 for 548kg (242ppk). Castlewellan farmer-£1340 for 628kg (213ppk). Rostrevor farmer-£1300 for 640kg (203ppk), £1290 for 616kg (209ppk), £1280 for 566kg (226ppk). Mayobridge farmer-£1200 for 622kg (192ppk), £1170 for 562kg (208ppk).