Draperstown (Richard Beattie) Mart: Fat bulls selling to £1966.20

Top prices at Draperstown included store bullocks selling to £1480/730kg and store heifers selling to £1550/660kg.

Friday, 11th June 2021, 10:06 am

Weanling males selling to £890/430kg, weanling heifers selling to £1090/350kg, cows and calves selling to £1290, fat cows selling to £1524.90/690kg, fat bulls selling to £1966.20/1130kg and fat bullocks selling to £1230/600kg.

Stores - Bullocks

W Pattersons £1480/730kg, R Mitchell £1400/650kg, £1390/650kg, £1330/640kg, £1300/640kg, £1300/570kg,J Robinson £1160/480kg, £1040/420kg, £980/410kg, £960/380kg, W Mclenaghan £1000/390kg, £970/470kg, S McAllister £770/370kg, £630/320kg, £600/350kg, G Chambers £760/350kg, £580/280kg and S Smith £470/330kg.


R Mowbray £1550/660kg, £1130/460kg, H Kelly £1310/570kg, £1280/570kg, £1210/520kg, £1200/520kg, D McAdoo £1260/560kg, £1210/580kg, £1150/540kg, E Armstrong £1260/560kg, P Miller £1160/550kg, J Robinson £1100/480kg, £980/430kg, £940/410kg, £880/400kg, £860/370kg, £850/410kg, £850/370kg, W McLenaghan £1070/440kg, £950/440kg, £930/420kg, £920/430kg,  R Moore £1020/400kg,£970/360kg,  £940/380kg, £880/330kg, £880/340kg, W Johnston £930/400kg, £930/400kg, £840/430kg, £820/410kg, S Smith £940/380kg, £930/400kg, £900/430kg and A Coyle £800/380kg, £780/350kg. 

Weanlings - males

D Carolan £890/430kg, S Bradley £870/440kg, P O’Kane £870/350kg, P McKenna £850/330kg, £630/240kg, E Armstrong £840/340kg, R Lees £740/400kg, G Parke £620/350kg, £480/240kg and A Brooks £340/210kg. 


P O’Kane £1090/350kg, £830/300kg, £680/290kg, P Doherty £860/420kg, £790/340kg, P McKenna £830/380kg, £640/270kg, £600/260kg, £550/250kg, £340/210kg, S Loughrey £790/330kg, £760/330kg, £760/340kg, £750/280kg, £750/310kg, £700/310kg, £690/280kg and G Parke £50/420kg, £680/360kg, £560/340kg. 

Cows and calves

G McNamee £1290. 

Fat cows

R Mowbray £1524.90/690kg, £1369.50/830kg, £1365/780kg, £1123.20/720kg, £1062.60/690kg,  D Hepburn £1419.50/850kg, I Bruce £1390/40/790kg, £1040.40/680kg, D Cairns £1272/800kg, D McAdoo £1267.50/750kg, £1020.60/630kg, R McPhillimy £1262.80/770kg, T Eastwood £1256.70/710kg, £1207.80/660kg, £855.60/690kg, Barrack Farms £1107.60/710kg, £902.80/610kg, K Mitchell £1081.20/680kg, P McCullagh £1052.80/560kg, £973.50/590kg, K McIlwaine £1036.80/720kg, S McAleer £1028.10/690kg, I Johnston £955.80/590kg, S McCloskey £951.20/580kg, P Lagan £949.40/470kg, £922.50/450kg, S Bradley £934.80/570kg, P Clarke £927.20/610kg, J Conway £916.40/580kg and M Gribben £876.30/690kg. 

Fat bulls

R Cummings £1966.20/1130kg, S Bradley £1554.30/990kg, M Cowan £1271.70/810kg and C Slane £1132.20/510kg. 

Fat bullocks

J Booth £1230/600kg, £1177/550kg, £1092/520kg, £969/510kg, £935.90/490kg, K McIlwaine £1074.60/540kg and C Slane £922.50/410kg.