Dungannon hosts the Blues on October 22

Blue cattle breeders are heading for Dungannon Farmers’ Mart on Friday, October 22 to the annual and well established Four Breeds Sale.

This is an ideal venue for dairy and suckler herd owners seeking a sire that adds value to every calf destined for the beef sector.

Fresh from British Belgian Blue successes at Balmoral Show, which attracted some exciting new entries, there is a buzz about the ultimate, beef terminal sire breed.

In a time of trade disruption for most industries due to the pandemic and Brexit 2021 has been a better year for farming with exceptional weather and grass galore right into autumn.

Chatham Osman

Milk prices are considered good, stock are selling extra well and good eye catching Blue bred calves are flying high in suckled calf rings.

The trend is towards dairy farmers using sexed semen at the start of the breeding year and then a beef bull with the rest of the herd. Although other breeds are on offer beware of missing that mighty British Blue bonus.

Thanks to the British Blue having a shorter gestation milk output is increased, calving is easier and these crosses have a marvellous ability to become beef cattle that sell at premium prices.

On suckler herds the British Blue as terminal sire keeps on producing quality stock with great muscling and lean meat.

Chatham Oakley

Gavel wielding auctioneer Trevor Wylie takes to the box on Friday, October 22 from noon with Four Breeds on offer, British Blue, Saler, Simmental and Blonde.

For catalogues contact Dungannon Farmers’ Mart tel; (028) 8772 2727, email [email protected] or visit them on Facebook.

Next month Dungannon Farmers’ Mart hosts the annual Four Breed Pedigree Calf Show on Saturday, November 27. Blue bred calves born after 1st September 2020 will be judged by Graham Brindley from the Bringlee Herd in Shropshire. Entries by Friday, October 29 with £10 entry fee to NI Blue Cattle Club secretary Annabel Cleland, 5, Corbally Rd, Downpatrick, BT30 8TD.

Event organiser David Gibson says this friendly event is all about encouraging new young breeders into the ring.

Chatham Oisin

“All four pedigree clubs, Blues, Salers, Simmentals and Blondes, are working as one to make this a family day out that will encourage an influx of new exhibitors at shows and sales for years to come.”

advice on choosing your bull

Seeking to buy a British Blue Pedigree Bull on offer at Dungannon Farmers’ Mart during the annual Four Breeds Sale on Friday, Oct 22?

Then some timely advice from leading local breeders of the ultimate beef terminal sire, the British Blue. Look for reasonable size, an ability to serve cows plus good temperament, legs and feet to make this a sire that works and is a pleasure to work with.

However, like any other breed of bull the British Blue needs and deserves good sound husbandry. That means adequate nutrition, dosing for fluke and worms plus treatment to keep lice and other parasites at bay. As ever with livestock a well looked after animal does you proud.

Prominent NI Blue breeders recommend that at least once a year your bull should have a visit from a professional foot trimmer. This not only keeps the animal in better form for eating, walking and breeding, but can easily add a few years to a bull’s working life.

Indeed Blue bulls have been known to work away breeding more valuable calves until 10 years old. But do remember not to over work a young bull in his first year. Nor be penny wise and pound foolish. That better bull you buy will be siring better Blue bred beef calves, stores and finished stock for years to come. Stock that sell better in good times, bad times and boom times.