Ewes and lambs selling £190 at Gortin Mart

An exceptional sale on Monday with fat lambs selling to £146/24kg.

Thursday, 17th June 2021, 2:15 pm

Fat ewes selling £190.

Ewes and lambs selling £190.

Fat lambs

Joe Somerville £146/24kg, £138/23kg, S Sloan £138/22kg, Brian Faulkner £132/27kg, Stewart Kenning £132/24kg, R Boyd £130/26kg, Thomas McCrory £126.50/23kg, John McSorley £126/22kg, Kenneth Hopper £125/23kg, Thomas McCrory £125/31kg, Aidan Morris £124.50/22kg, Christopher Gourley £124.50/22kg, Archie Conday £124/22kg, Gerry OHagan £124/22kg, S and A Conway £124/22kg, D Donald £124/22kg, P Kelly £123/22kg, Patrick Doherty £123/24kg, Steven Sinnamon £123/21kg, Gerard Hegarty £122/21kg, Dylan Flanagan £122/23kg, Shane Kerlin £120.50/21kg, Stephen Marshall £120/21kg, David Hutchinson £119/21kg, William Rankin £118/20kg, R Boyd £117/20kg, Kevin McNamee £117/20kg, S McFarland £117/25kg, D Donald £115/18kg, John Lowe £114.50/20kg, keith Young £110.50/20kg, Patrick McGirr £107.50/19kg, £102/19kg and Stephen Marshall £97/17kg, £80/14kg.

Fat ewes

Daniel McCaffrey £190, L Young £174, John Young £174, Brian Faulkner £138, L O’Kane £138, Kennedy Hunter £131, John Young £129, William Rankin £125, George McFarland £125, Thomas McCrory £124, Michael O’Kane £122, Allan Speer £122, M and S Doyle £122, N Alexander £122, Joe Somerville £120, John O’Neill £120, S McFarland £120, S McFarland £116, D Dnald £116, Stephen Marshall £114, Kennedy Hunter £114, John Young £112, L Young £112, Aubrey McKelvey £105, Kennedy Hunter £102, Isaac Crilly £102 and Peter Todd £100.

Ewes and lambs

Seamus McCaffrey £240, £183, S McFarland £190, £190, £170, £155, Patrrick Toughey £183 and S Kelly £190, £180.