Exceptional trade for cattle at Lisahally Mart, bullocks selling to up to 312ppk

An exceptional sale on with bullocks selling up to 312ppk.
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Heifers 296ppk and fat cows 242ppk.

A full yard of cattle sold to great demand.


Lisahally martLisahally mart
Lisahally mart

Gary Miller £2180/780kg, £2180/780kg, £2130/750kg,£1910/710kg, £1890/670kg, £1790/630kg, P Daly £2160/760kg£1230/730kg, £2070/730kg, £2040/730kg, £1950/740kg, £1900/720kg, Wesley Miller £2080/730kg, £2070/750kg, Hugh McNicholl £1750/680kg, Robert Devine £1720/600kg, £1720/660kg, Kenneth Johnston £1600/570kg, £1560/550kg, £1530/580kg, £1530/520kg, £1470/540kg, £1410/540kg, Brian Johnston £1590/510kg, £1580/570kg, £1550/570kg, £1530/510kg, £1530/580kg, £1500/540kg, £1480/570kg, £1450/500kg, £1370/520kg, David Devenney £1450/540kg, £1420/470kg, £1390/540kg, £1390/500kg, £1360/450kg, £1340/500kg, Winston Young £1370/570kg and Rory Rankin £860/380kg.


D Daly £1710/590kg, Quigley Bros £1640/620kg, £1530/570kg, £1440/570kg, Martin Quigley £1570/600kg, £1540/540kg, Joseph Greer £1470/540kg, Gareth Wilson £1420/660kg, £1320/630kg, J Pollock £1370/670kg, £1350/690kg, Martin Quigley £1340/560kg, Hamilton Sayers £1340/500kg, David McConnell £1280/460kg., R McNeill £1260/550kg, Hamilton Sayers £1260/500kg, Gareth Wilson £1250/590kg, Samel Sayers £1230/480kg, Joseph Greer £1220/560kg, Winston Young £1220/540kg, Samuel Sayers £1200/500kg, Gareth Wilson £1190/570kg, W McDevitt £1180/490kg, R McNeill £1180/520kg, David McConnell £1180/480kg, Samuel Sayers £1170/450kg and R McNeill £1140/500kg.

Fat cows

David McConnell £1640/820kg, Trevor Wilson £1469.40/790kg, Beaverlodge Farms £1446.40/640kg, Mervyn Scott £1426.80/820kg, Tom Henderson £1403.60/580kg, John McDevitt £1344/640kg, Mervyn Rodgers £1284.80/730kg, £1274/700kg, Beaverlodge Farms £1209.60/540kg, £1199/550kg, Emmet Conway £1166.40/720kg, £1139.60/740kg, £1044/600kg, Oliver McGuinness £1162.80/570kg and Beaverlodge Farms £1123.20/540kg, £1113/530kg, £1067/550kg, £1020/510kg.

Fat bulls

Michael O'Hara £1728/800kg, John Ramsey £1452/660kg, £1407/670kg, John McDevitt £1395.2/640kg, Kieran Feeney £1188/540kg and Tom Henderson £1065.60/480kg.

A strong trade on with fat lambs selling to £115, fat ewes £142 and breeding rams 920gns.

Fat lambs

Mr Reid Clarke £115/28kg, £112/27kg, Joseph Cunningham £111.50/24kg, Philip Anderson £111.50/26kg, Liam Gormley £111/24kg, £110/27kg, Stephen Johnston £111/24kg, S Lynch £110.50/24kg, Robert McKean £110/27kg, Gary Hamilton £109.50/23kg, Hugh O'Connor £109/23kg, Samuel Young £108.50/23kg, Robert Black £108.50/23kg, Harry Devenney £107.50, Robert McKean £107.5/23kg, Paul Deeney £107.50/23kg, Hugh O'Connor £107/23kg, W Kennedy £107/24kg, S Moore £107/23kg, Alwin Fleming £107/22kg, Robert McKean £106.50/23kg, E McElhinney £105.50/22kg, William Knobbs £105.50/22kg, Robert Black £105.50/23kg, John Dodds £105/22kg, Hugh McGuinness £105/23kg, Paul Deeney £104.50/21kg, William Knobbs £102/21kg, C Miller £101.50/23kg and A and A Houston £100/21kg.

Fat ewes

Stephen Johnston £142, £120, John McWilliams £135, S O'Connor £100, J Connolly £120 R McBeth £118 S Smyth £118 G Mcfadden £115 £113 S McFadden £114 £109 M McClenaghan £110 £100 £100 £100 S Robinson £108 £106 £99 £97 P O'Doherty £104 L McCloskey £102 £99 J Thompson £100 £95 R Wilson £90 R McBeth £90 and M Boyle £86.

Breeding rams

James Gould 920g,820g, 780g, N Chambers 920g, Robert McAdoo 580g, 500g, 500g, 420g, William Moore 550g, 400g, 400g and Gary McAdoo 400g, 400g.