“Farm Next Door – #BackTheFuture Campaign”

Farm Next Door – Northern Ireland’s ‘local-ist’ fruit and veg grocer founded in 2017 – is proud to be Northern Ireland’s sole representative in Crowdfunder’s 2021 #BackTheFuture campaign.

This campaign is centred at putting UK businesses at the forefront of the plastic-free revolution, with a focus on promoting them to new heights as it falls upon this next generation of entrepreneurs to address climate change, while also providing for themselves and their communities. The challenges are immense, but a little less daunting when you hear of the fine work and ethos of businesses like Farm Next Door.

The pandemic and our new economic climate have re-emphasised the importance of ‘local’ in Northern Ireland and no one is keeping it as local as Emilia Klak and Marcin Piotrowski of Farm Next Door.

What Farm Next Door offers is a service that keeps you healthier, happier and safer, while supporting small businesses and uplifting local communities through its ‘farm-to-door’ delivery service that has been met with unprecedented success in 2020-21. 

Farm Next Door is proving that we have all that we need and more locally and that these ingredients ought to be embraced and prioritised. Not only are they filling a much-needed niche in NI, but they’re also developing a model that could be duplicated throughout the food and beverage sector – and beyond!

What’s fantastic about purchasing produce from Farm Next Door is you’re not only supporting one local business, but dozens.

“Our local providers are fresh and sustainable; they don’t use preservatives, pesticides or hormones. We love doing business with them and we’re happy to promote them whenever possible. We keep up our end of the bargain, too, by remaining plastic-free as distributors,” said Marcin

The skills and knowledge they’ve brought with them to NI are having other positive impacts. They’re now working with farmers to produce the fruits and vegetables locally that they’ve missed dearly from their native Poland and further afar, expanding the already world-class ingredients NI offers.

“With us, you’re not supporting some big company, you’re supporting the community – a community that is actively and collaboratively addressing a need in society today, so that we won’t have to continue to worry about it tomorrow,” added Emilia.

Farm Next Door is furthering this by its plans to build NI’s very first plastic free fruit and veg shop, which is why – if fresh fruit and veg, a healthy lifestyle and sustainable environment, and supporting businesses that make Northern Ireland a better place is your thing – you should consider contributing to their #BackTheFuture campaign to get them off the ground.

“We have a saying, ‘Back to the roots’. We want to help Northern Ireland get back to its roots by building a healthier and more sustainable society. Our fruit shop is one small, but meaningful step along the way and we’d love to have you along with us on this journey!” said Marcin