Fat cows sell to £1950 at Draperstown (Richard Beattie)

There was a fantastic show of cattle on Friday at Draperstown (Richard Beattie) with bullocks fetching £1770/740kg, weanlings £1120/430kg and fat cows £1950/700kg.

By Ruth Rodgers
Thursday, 23rd June 2022, 9:43 am

Bullocks: D Duncan £1770/740kg £1760/710kg £1730/680kg £1630/670kg £1560/680kg S Robinson £1560/540kg £1530/640kg M Maxwell £1500/600kg £1470/600kg £1460/540kg £1300/510kg £1240/520kg F Conway £1420/540kg £1410/550kg £1390/460kg £1200/490kg £1170/460kg £1120/450kg W Ferson £1360/620kg £1270/550kg M McKenna £1340/480kg £1090/430kg £1080/380kg £1060/440kg £1040/410kg £1030/400kg S Black £1220/540kg £1080/480kg A Jamison £1130/480kg £1040/440kg £1040/470kg £990/420kg

Heifers: P McGuigan £1540/710kg £1470/640kg S Williams £1490/600kg £1120/500kg W Ferson £1280/560kg £1160/510kg S Black £1250/530kg £1160/510kg £1080/480kg R Boone £1110/470kg S ONeill £1090/500kg £1080/500kg £900/460kg J McDonwell £1080/430kg M McKenna £970/390kg £930/370kg £900/340kg

Weanling: C McCullagh £1120/430kg £1070/390kg £1000/390kg £990/400kg £980/390kg £950/400kg £900/320kg £880/350kg £840/340kg J McDowell £980/380kg F Kelly £950/380kg J McGurk £950/380kg £780/330kg N Daly £910/380kg £810/320kg £800/370kg T Lagan £860/350kg £830/320kg £780/300kg £760/300kg C McLaughlin £810/320kg B McLaughlin £810/300kg £700/260kg M McKenna £700/300kg £690/310kg £680/290kg £660/260kg £600/270kg

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Fat Cows: J McBride £1950/700kg D Glenn £1939/700kg N Daly £1872/740kg O Hawe £1843/950kg E Connor £1804/820kg £1734/830kg B Kelly £1716/660kg P McAuley £1649/620kg £1612/580kg £1450/580kg £1413/570kg R O’Kane £1566/580kg B Hackett £1562/720kg L Carson £1554/710kg £1526/700kg J McGurk £1519/710kg £1362/600kg £1338/600kg A Shaw £1440/600kg £1360/560kg £1340/540kg J Kelly £1430/580kg £1410/580kg £1370/550kg J Porter £1386/630kg J McDowell £1373/670kg £1047/560kg D McKenzie £1311/570kg £1127/490kg F Kelly £1298/590kg £1133/550kg H Lagan £1241/650kg Cn Farms £1209/620kg D Scullion £1208/570kg