Fat ewes selling to a top price of £140 at Armoy Mart

A full yard of sheep last Wednesday night met with another fine trade.

Armoy Mart
Armoy Mart
Armoy Mart

Fat lambs sold to £120 for 28kgs, store lambs sold up to £86.50 with a great offering of Texel and Suffolk stores on offer.

Just under 600 fat ewes also met with a great trade selling to a top price of £140.

Leading prices

Fat lambs

William Knowles, Cloughmills, 28kgs £120. Donal Gillan, Ballymoney, 27.5kgs £118. Archie Linnegan, Bushmills, 27.5kgs £115. John McQuaige, Ballycastle, 26kgs £110. Seamus Scullion, Martinstown, 28kgs £117. Bernadette O’Kane, Martinstown, 25kgs £113. Philip McNicholl, Swatragh, 24kgs £103. William Knox, Armoy, 24kgs £100. AJ Murphy, Cushendun, Crossbreds 24kgs £100. Colm McHenry, Ballycastle, 23kgs £100. P McClafferty, Cloughmills, 24kgs £100. A Morrow, 24kgs £100. Trevor Hanna, Loughguile, 24kgs £101. Pat McCarry, Ballyvoy, 23kgs £100.

Store lambs

Pat McCarry, Ballyvoy, 50, £86.50, 50, £85.00, 51, £85.50. Bernard McKay, Cushendun, 40 Suffolk, £84.00. Patsy McAleese, Loughguile, 43 Suffolk, £85.00. Sean McCambridge, Ballyvoy, 48, £85.00, 57, £82.00, 74, Suffolk, £82.50. Maurice McHenry, Ballintoy, 25, Lleyn, £80.50. M McCurry, Cushendall, 23, Texel, £86.50. P McAleese, Loughguile, 24kgs £84.50. Denise McAuley, Cushendall, 17 Texel, £80.00. J McQuaige, Ballycastle, 8, Texel, £85.00. M McAlister, Glenariffe, 21, Crossbreds £72.00. T Mulholland, Ballyvoy, 24kgs Crossbred, £74.50. Ronnie Duncan, Ballyvoy, 43 Suffolk, £78.00. Paddy McDonnell, Cushendall, 33, Suffolk, £79.00.

Fat ewes

William Knowles, Cloughmills, Texel, £140. Seamus Scullion, Martinstown, Suffolk, £139.V and C Butler, Ballyvoy, Border Leicester, £142. R Hodges, Armoy, Texel, £129. T and N McCracken, Mosside, Texel, £121. A McGuckian, Dunloy, Suffolk, £125. BW and I McConaghie, Bushmills, Suffolk, £125. Pat Brown, Ballintoy, Suffolk, £134. John McGill, Ballyvoy, Texel, £106. Sean McCambridge, Ballyvoy, Crossbreds £113. Ronnie Duncan, Ballycastle, Texel, £105. Donal Gillan, Ballymoney, Crossbreds £104. Seamus McDonnell, Ballyvoy, Texel, £120. Eugene Duncan, Ballyvoy, Texel, £121. Randal McDonnell, Ballyvoy, Texel, £107. Brendan McLoughlin, Carnlough, Cheviot, £100. Terence McGarry, Armoy, Texel, £108. Frank Devlin, Ballycastle, Suffolk, £100. Patrick Brown, Ballycastle, Texel, £103.

Sale every Wednesday night at 7.00pm.

Watch on ‘mart eye’.

Auctioneers: Daniel McAlister and Son.