Fat ewes selling to £151 and lambs to £134 at Armoy Mart

A full yard of sheep on Wednesday night saw a sharp rise in all sorts of sheep.

Fat lambs sold to £134 with a lot of lambs in excess of £120.

Store lambs were in great demand selling to £106 and fat ewes made up to £151.

Leading prices

Armoy Mart

Fat lambs

Sean McAllister, Ballyvoy, 30kgs £134. A and C Creith, Armoy, 25kgs £123. Altmore Farms, Ballycastle, 29kgs £125. J McAlister, Ballycastle, 26kgs £128. A Hanna, Armoy, 26kgs £124. J and S Fisher, Ballycastle, 24kgs £123. M Townley, Limavady, 25kgs £121.50. Kevin McErlain, Armoy, 24kgs £122. John Boyle, Armoy, 24kgs £122. D McKeeman, Bushmills, 24.5kgs £122. Joe Dickson, Draperstown, 25kgs Blackface, £121. David McNeill, Loughguile, 24kgs £121. M Maloney, Loughguile, 24kgs £119. Sean McCambridge, Ballyvoy, 24kgs £120. Aidan McKillop, Loughguile, 24kgs £122. Dessie McCollum, Loughguile, 24kgs £121. Robert Martin, Dunloy, 24kgs £122. Albert Boyd, Cloughmills, 24kgs £122. PJ McGuckian, Cloughmills, 24kgs £119. J and S Fisher, Ballycastle, 22kgs £117.50. A and E Devlin, Drumsurn, 24kgs £120. Joe Dickson, Draperstown, 24kgs £119.

Store lambs

John McCambridge, Ballyvoy, 37 Suffolk, £99.00. Gordon Wilson, Glenarm, 12 Suffolk, £106. Richard Kane, Bushmills, 18 Texel, £98.00. Sean McCambridge, Ballyvoy, 52 Texel, £89.00. Gordon Wilson, Glenarm, 14 Texel, £100. Aidan McKillop, Loughguile, 33 Blackface, £84.00. P and S McMullan, Rathlin, 10 crossbreds £87.00. Niall McKeague, Ballycastle, 49 Texel, £93.50. Sean Kelly, Ballycastle, 13 Texel, £85.00. D and P McKendry, Loughguile, 10 Suffolk, £90.00. Eamon Robbin, Glenariffe, 8 Texel, £81.00. A McKillop, Loughguile, 39 Blackface, £78.00.

Fat ewes

AJ Murphy, Cushendun, crossbreds £151. V McHenry, Torr, Suffolk, £144. E Duncan, Ballyvoy, Suffolk, £135. M Townley, Limavady, Charollais, £118. Robert Wylie, Bushmills, Charollais, £126. Pat McBride, Ballycastle, Texel, £120. Shaun Boyle, Loughguile, Texel, £113. B Mullan, Ballymoney, Blue, £112. Peter Thompson, Bushmills, Suffolk, £116. E Duncan, Ballycastle, Suffolk, £126.

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