Garlyx sales rocket in Co Fermanagh

It might be the slowest start to the grazing season in Co Fermanagh for years, but such is the popularity for Garlyx feed blocks, that stockist Warren Kerr can hardly keep up with demand.

Friday, 4th June 2021, 8:35 am

He commented: “Flies can be a real problem on all livestock farms from June onwards.

“This is the particularly so for dairy and suckler farmers with dry cows and replacement heifers at grass.”

He added: “Flies bring with them the threat of summer mastitis and a host of other diseases. Increasingly, farmers are moving away from the use of pour-ons. They are keen to use a natural alternative when one is available to them.

“And when it comes to keeping flies at bay, Garlyx ticks this box in spades. Interest in the product started gathering momentum a couple of years ago.

“Since then, all my customers have stuck with the feed block. In fact they are ordering greater quantities as each grazing comes along.

“Word of mouth recommendation also means that many new customers are trying the blocks all the time.

“I have never stocked a product that commands such a high level of customer satisfaction.”

Kinawley dairy farmer Nigel Graham has a very succinct way of describing the impact of the Garlyx blocks once they are put out into the fields. He explained: “I can get a strong smell of garlic coming off the cattle, almost as soon as I come into the field with them.

“We have not had a problem with flies since we started using Garlyx. The blocks are also very palatable. The cattle can’t get enough of them.”

Nigel milks 90 Holstein/Friesian cows with his father George. The herd is currently averaging 8,000L with heifers calving down at between 24 and 25 months.

“The last thing we need is a problem with summer mastitis,” Nigel explained.

“Many of our field boundaries contain a significant number of trees. The flies are always there in large numbers during the summer months. Thankfully, Garlyx is providing the protection against fly strike that we need.”

David Morgan, from Caltech Crystalyx, was a recent visitor to the Graham farm. He was quick to confirm that flies bring with them the threat of summer mastitis for dry cows and in-calf heifers.

He added: “Flies can also carry a number of other disease threats while generally acting to reduce the growth rates of all cattle at grass.

“Unfortunately, fly populations will rise as we hit the summer season. This development brings with it a significant management risk on all livestock farms.”

David concluded: “But the good news is that garlic has extremely effective fly-repellent properties. One of the most effective ways of making garlic available to stock at grass is courtesy of ‘Crystalyx Garlyx’ feed blocks.”