Good prices in all the rings at Enniskillen

There was a a smaller summer sale at Enniskillen with good prices in all rings.

Bullocks: Light weights 210-275ppk for a 440kg CH at £1210. Heavier lots 215-252ppk for a 594kg LIM at £1500

Heifers: Beef lots sold to 267ppk for a 620kg CH at £1660. Lighter weights from 205-263ppk for a 480kg CH at £1260

Weanlings: Steers and bulls sold from £700 - £1370 for a 386kg CH. Heifers from £600 - £1070 for a 403kg CH

Sucklers: Suckler cows sold to £1700 for a CH cow with CH heifer calf at foot

Cast Cows: Beef lots sold to 260ppk for a 620kg CH @ £1620 and to a top price of £1830. Lighter weights sold from 125-262ppk for a 500kg CH at £1310. FR cows from 84-200ppk