Great trade for sheep at Armoy Mart, breeding sheep to £204

An excellent show of sheep on Wednesday night met with a fine trade for all sorts of sheep.

Lambs sold to £152, fat hoggets to £148, breeding sheep sold to £204 and fat ewes topped at £178 in a great trade.

Leading prices

Spring lambs

Armoy Mart Armoy Mart
Armoy Mart

PJ Dougan, Coleraine, 24kgs £152. Galbraith Brothers, Coleraine, 24kgs £149. M Patton, Stranocum, 24kgs £145. William Morrison, Mosside, 22kgs £145. W Elliott, Ballycastle, 22kgs £143.50. F Daly, Cushendall, 22kgs £140. Lee Gibson, Armoy, 24kgs £140. D Kerr, Bushmills, 22kgs £140. B McVicker, Bushmills, 21kgs £136.50. G McDougal, Bushmills, 21kgs £134. Jas Reilly, Ballycastle, 21kgs £133. G Millen, Coleraine, 20kgs £132. Ronnie Taggart, Bushmills, 20kgs £130.


Jas Currie, Ballymoney, 30kgs £148. G McDougal, Bushmills, 27kgs £146. A Devlin, Ballycastle, 30kgs £144. Sam Dobbin, Ballycastle, 30kgs £142. Pat McGuckian, Dunloy, 26kgs £140. Clair Lynn, Armoy, 25kgs £140. Robert McKendry, Bushmills, 30kgs £140. Liam McGarry, Loughguile, 27kgs £137. Alan Dempster, Stranocum, 24kgs £137. PJ Dougan, Coleraine, 22kgs £132. McConkey Farms, Cookstown, 23kgs £129.

Fat ewes

A B Wilson, Armoy, Texel, £178. Pat McGuckian, Dunloy, Texels, £158. William Elliott, Ballycastle, Dorsets £155. Jas McHenry, Glenariffe, Dorsets, £153. A B Wilson, Amroy, Texel, £160. McConkey Farms, Cookstown, Texel, £147. D Marshall, Clough, Blues, £140. Pat McErlain, Armoy, Crossbreds £139. J and J Ferguson, Bushmills, Suffolk, £137.

Breeding sheep

Ivan Lynn, Armoy, 1 ewe, 2 lambs, £204, 2 ewes, 4 lambs, £196. Aidan McKillop, Loughguile, 1 ewe, 2 lambs, £170. Peter Steele, Ballymoney, 1 ewe, 2 lambs, £165. G Christie, Claudy, 2 ewes, 2 lambs, £130. John McElheran, Stranocum, ewes/single lamb, £128.

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Auctioneers: Armoy Livestock Mart Ltd.

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