Heavy lots selling to £1340 at Enniskillen Mart

An entry of 846 cattle continued a firm all round trade.

Friday, 26th March 2021, 10:28 am

In the bullock ring light weights selling from 220p to 263p for a Charolais 418kg at £1100.

Medium weights from 210p to 270p for a Charolais 430kg at £1160.

Heavy lots 190p to 254p for a Blonde d’Aquitaine 526kg at £1340 and selling up to 1540 per head.


Lisnaskea producer 566kg Charolais at £1290, 578k Charolais at £1190, Irvinestown producer 460kg Charolais at £1140, Kesh producer 436kg at £1110, 434kg Charolais at £1150, 448kg Charolais at £1100, Florencecourt producer 484kg Charolais at £1190, 440kg Simmental at £1110, 552kg Charolais at £1300, Trillick producer 404kg Charolais at £1040, 406kg at £1050, 430kg at £1160, 494kg Charolais at £1240, Lisbellaw producer 390 Shorthorn beef £1030, Tempo producer 498kg Limousin at £1200, Kinawley producer 566kg Charolais at £1320, 532kg Limousin at £1310, 574kg Charolais at £1340

Fintona producer 536kg Limousin at £1240, 716kg Limousin at £1540, 682kg Charolais at £1510, Brookeborough producer 452kg Charolais at £1140, 412kg Charolais at £1070, 438kgg Aberdeen Angus at £1180, Aughnacloy producer 612kg Charolais at £1340, 496kg Limousin at £1250 and Derrylin producer 556kg Charolais at £1300, 554kg Charolais at £1280.


In the weanling ring bullocks sold from £700 to £1180 for a Charolais 402kg.

Heifers sold from 600 to 1010 for a Charolais 313kg.

Ruling prices

Enniskillen producer 403kg Charolais steer at £1060, 308kg Belgian Blue steer at £890, 287kg Charolais heifer at £790, 281kg Charolais bull at £890, Tempo producer 322kg Charolais heifer at £800, 328kg Limousin steer at £760, 210kg Limousin bull at £560, 395kg Charolais steer at £1030, Derrylin producer 370kg Charolais steer at £980, 368kg Charolais heifer at £930, 396kg Aberdeen Angus steer at £830, 399kg Charolais heifer at £910, Lisnaskea producer 449kg Charolais steer at £1090, 405kg Limousin steer at £980, 455kg Limousin steer at £1030, 411kg Limousin at £1090, Fivemiletown producer 324kg Charolais steer at £900, 282kg Charolais heifer at £850, 306kg Charolais heifer at £850, Enniskillen producer 322kg Limousin steer at £1020, 258kg Limousin steer at £860, 273kg Charolais steer at £840, Irvinestown producer 421kg Charolais heifer at £1070, 327kg Charolais steer at £900, 368kg Charolais steer at £1020, Clogher producer 402kg Limousin bull at £900, 242kg Limousin bull at £760, 263kg Limousin bull at £810, 279kg Charolais heifer at £760, 388kg Simmental bull at £950, 341kg Limousin heifer at £850, Ballinamallard producer 250kg Charolais heifer at £720, 329kg Limousin heifer at £810, 313g Charolais heifer at £1010, Garrison producer 375kg Charolais steer at £990, 318kg Limousin steer at £850, 460kg Aberdeen Angus bull at £950 and Enniskillen producer 325kg Charolais heifer at £790, 346kg Aberdeen Angus heifer at £750, 469kg Charolais steer at £1070.


This week drop calves top at at £465 for a smart Limousin bull and at £410 Charolais heifer.

Enniskillen producer Limousin bull at £465 and at £355, Florencecourt producer Aberdeen Angus bull at £350, Kinawley producer Charolais heifer at £410, Tempo producer Hereford bull at £330, Limousin heifer at £290, Newtownbutler producer Limousin heifer at £280 and at £270 and Enniskillen producer Aberdeen Angus heifer at £250, Aberdeen Angus bull at £250, Aberdeen Angus bull at £245.

Suckler cows

Kinawley producer Simmental cow with bull at £2180, Simmental cow with bull at £2000, Simmental cow with heifer at £1970, Culkey producer Charolais cow with bull at £2060, Charolais cow with heifer at £1680, Enniskillen producer springing Limousin heifer at £1440, Derrylin producer springing Limousin heifer at £1440 and Ballinamallard producer springing Charolais heifer at £1390.


Beef lots sold to 230ppk paid for a 608kg Charolais at £1400 and to a top price of at £1500.

Medium weights from 205-257ppk paid for a 436kg Charolais at £1120.

Light weights sold from 215-282ppk paid for a 290kg Charolais at £830.

Fivemiletown producer Charolais 730kg at £1500, Charolais 650kg at £1460, Charolais 608kg at £1400

Irvinestown producer Charolais 648kg at £1360, Charolais 600kg at £1270, Magheraveely producer Charolais 610kg at £1360, Charolais 570kg at £1280, Charolais 482kg at £1160, Newtownbutler producer Charolais 520kg at £1170, 500kg Charolais at £1130, Tempo producer Charolais 420kg at £1050 and Macken producer Charolais 430kg at £1060.

Fat cows

Beef lots sold to 207ppk paid for a 656kg Charolais at £1360 Friesian cows from 67-139ppk paid for a 560kg Friesian at £780, Fat bulls to 182ppk paid for a 894kg Limousin at £1630.

Ballinamallard producer Limousin 894kg at £1630, Limousin 616kg at £1360, Springfield producer Simmental 938kg at £1530, Kesh producer Charolais 834kg at £1420, Enniskillen producer Charolais 770kg at £1390, Charolais 730kg at £1300 and Ballinamallard producer Limousin 616kg at £1360.