Hero farmer recognised in BBC Two’s Jay’s Yorkshire Workshop

In BBC Two’s Jay’s Yorkshire Workshop which transmits on tonight (Wednesday, 8th September) at 9pm, farmer David nominates Sam for a surprise thank you after he travelled 200 miles to save his sheep during lambing season.

Last year during lambing season, David a sheep farmer from the Yorkshire Dales and his wife caught COVID and David ended up in hospital at this crucial time of year. David said: “I’m a diabetic and I went downhill within a matter of days. I had to finish up going into hospital and it was just on the point of lambing time when you need to be on the ball. You can’t be away.”

Sam, who first came to work with David as a teenager, left his own farm and sheep 200 miles away in Hereford and came to David’s farm, rounded up his 140 sheep and took them across country to lamb alongside 350 of his own, saving many animals’ lives. David said: “I don’t know how he did it, he saved me a lot of lives. The pressure he took off me by doing what he did was just immense.”

When asked by Jay Blades “Why do you think he done it?” David answered: “Because he loves me. I’m proud to say. Like my own family, he’s one of us.”

In tonight’s show, David nominates Sam, for a surprise thank you which is designed and created by expert craftsman Ciaran and his team.

They take on a technically challenging build crafting a beautiful picnic box complete with a drawer and mini table to thank Sam for his help. For newbie fine furniture makers, Les and Ant, it’s their first time attempting tricky dovetail joints.

Expert Ciaran told Sam: “I wanted to try and give something for David to be able to give to you and I wanted you to be able to spend time with your family and to be able to use this. This is something I consider as an heirloom. This is something that you will be able to pass down to your kids and it’s a credit to you.”

In each episode, members of the public nominate local heroes from across Yorkshire to receive a bespoke, handmade piece of wooden furniture to recognise the work they do for their community, often going above and beyond.  Jay hears first-hand what makes each local hero special and why they are deserving of this thank you. 

Jay’s Yorkshire Workshop airs tonight at 9pm on BBC Two.