High demand for cattle at Pomeroy store cattle topping at £1500

Cattle on high demand in Pomeroy with store cattle topping 300ppk (£1500/500kg) and weanling 340ppk (£850/250kg).


A Boyd £1900/680kg £1820/660kg £1800/650kg £1800/650kg £1800/610kg £1770/600kg £1760/610kg £1710/620kg £1600/590kg £1570/570kg P McElhone £1870/670kg £1520/510kg £1510/520kg £1500/500kg £1460/540kg £1430/480kg £1320/470kg £1200/410kg £1190/400kg £1000/350kg J McCallan £1630/570kg £1600/550kg £1540/530kg G McMaster £1600/610kg £1540/560kg £1520/560kg B Kelly £1580/600kg £1540/610kg K Donaghy £1540/520kg £1480/540kg £1480/520kg £1460/500kg £1370/500kg D Rafferty £1420/540kg £1310/510kg £1240/490kg R Kelly £1380/480kg £1340/490kg B Ward £1340/570kg £1250/540kg £1150/520kg C McNabb £1330/570kg £1200/500kg £1140/500kg £1060/440kg £1000/460kg and O Mulgrew £1320/460kg £1230/470kg.


Livestock Markets
Livestock Markets
Livestock Markets

D Rafferty £1650/590kg £1620/620kg £1590/600kg £1560/590kg £1550/590kg £1530/570kg £1500/560kg T Scott £1600/630kg £1540/610kg £1500/610kg £1330/580kg P McCormack £1570/550kg £1090/470kg £1060/460kg £1030/430kg £990/440kg £910/390kg £900/390kg D Fox £1480/690kg £1260/560kg Barrack Hill £1360/510kg £1190/490kg £1100/460kg J Kelly £820/380kg £800/380kg and D Mallon £800/350kg £770/280kg £730/330kg £730/300kg.

Male weanlings

C Donnelly £1380/470kg £1130/360kg £1090/330kg £960/340kg J Kelly £1370/460kg £1350/430kg £1190/380kg £1090/410kg J Bradley £1170/370kg J McCallan £980/310kg E Quinn £980/370kg £900/320kg £820/290kg P McCormack £960/390kg £870/280kg £820/350kg P Rafferty £910/320kg £910/340kg £880/300kg £880/310kg £870/300kg B Fitzgerald £900/280kg £750/280kg £620/230kg C Ward £890/320kg £870/300kg G Blair £890/300kg M Corrigan £790/300kg £740/280kg and G Blair £730/290kg £720/240kg.

Female weanlings

C Ward £990/330kg £850/300kg £850/310kg J Bradley £990/390kg £870/310kg £860/320kg S McDonnell £920/300kg £890/290kg £890/350kg £770/280kg E Quinn £890/320kg £840/270kg P Nugent £870/310kg £760/290kg £740/250kg £740/260kg C Donnelly £850/290kg £780/290kg and C Ward £790/320kg £780/320kg £740/290kg.