‘History in the making’ as Climate Change Bill passes

The RSPB has hailed the passing of the Climate Change Bill to the next stage as ‘history in the making’.

Following Monday’s majority vote in favour of the Climate Change Bill, John Martin, RSPB NI’s Head of Policy and Advocacy, commented: “Today we witnessed history in the making as the NI Assembly showed leadership by voting in favour of progressing Northern Ireland’s first Climate Change Bill.

“There is now no denying the scientific, public and political consensus for accelerated action against the nature and climate emergency in Northern Ireland, and we would like to thank RSPB’s supporters who sent over 4000 emails to their local MLAs to secure support for the Bill at this crucial stage.

“The warming of our climate is the greatest long-term threat to people and nature, making this one of the most important pieces of legislation that the NI Assembly has ever debated.

“RSPB NI will continue to work with the Bill’s sponsors to ensure Northern Ireland introduces an ambitious climate law with targets to reach net zero emissions in harmony with nature.”

RSPB NI is working to protect precious species and habitats across Northern Ireland, and campaigning for targets in law to save nature.

The charity has been operating in Northern Ireland for over 50 years to inspire a world richer in nature.

The charity has more than 11,000 members, around 60 employees, 300 volunteers and 10 reserves. For more information or to support RSPB NI’s work, visit www.rspb.org.uk/ni.