Horse Week: Easter Weekend at Connell Hill Equestrian

CONNELL Hill Equestrian in Randalstown, County Antrim, held a fun-filled Easter weekend with the first of two events taking place on Saturday, March 30th.

A fun day of unregistered showjumping hopped into action, starting the weekend of activities with lovely rosettes kindly sponsored by Doagh Equestrian.

Next up on Easter Monday there was a great turnout for the Working Hunter Horse and Pony Show.

The horses were duly judged by Mr David Kilpatrick and the ponies by Mr Paddy Traynor.

A tremendous turnout of horses and ponies in their fitting combinations exhibited great style and skill and gave fine performances suited to each class and category throughout the day.

Connell Hill wish to extend their thanks to the judges and well done to all competitors for taking part.

Leading the way in the horse section, Champion and Reserve Champion are as follows:

Champion Horse:

Lisa Mitchel Talbot, Bruce.

Reserve Champion Horse:

Jodie Creighton, Highview Tall Order.

Full Results as follows (Monday 1st April)

Class 1: 70cm Horses:

1st Caroline Chambers, Copper;

2nd Carla Dolan, Gipsy Lady;

3rd Linsey Gault, Gillistown Treble 7;

4th Victoria Laverty, Indi;

5th Anna McAig, Painted by Magic.

Class 2: 4 year old Horses:

1st Holly Surgenor, Dutchess;

2nd Lisa Mitchel Talbot, Lily.

Class 3: 80cm Horses:

1st Lisa Mitchel Talbot, Liadan Gal;

2nd Judith Beatie, Duke;

3rd Carla Dolan, Gipsy Lady;

4th Aaliyah Rocks, Paddy;

5th Jamie Smyth, Avestanco;

6th Linsey Gault, Gillistown 777

Class 5: 90cm Horses:

1st Raisa Doherty; Jerry;

2nd Jodie Creighton, Hillview Tall Order;

3rd Kathryn Knox, Springvale O’Grady;

4th Shane Doyle, Doyle’s Romeo;

5th Lisa Mitchel Tablot, Liadan Gal.

Class 6: 1m Horses:

1st Lisa Mitchel Talbot, Bruce;

2nd Charlotte McAllister, Captain Missy Finn;

3rd Jodie Creighton, Highview Tall Order;

4th Shane Doyle, Doyle’s Romeo.

Working Hunter Results Pony Section

Champion Pony:

Kaileigh Russell, Flinora Surprise

Reserve Champion:

Pony Kim Moore, Lily

Class 1: X-poles Ponies:

1st (Equal) Rose Semple, Prince and Sara Moore, Gunner;

3rd Voilet Semple, Prince.

Class 2: 50cm Ponies:

1st Kaileigh Russell, Flinora Surprise;

2nd Sara Moore, Gunner.

Class 3: 60cm Ponies:

1st Kate Green, Apple Jack;

Class 4: 70cm Ponies:

1st Sarah Wilson, Parkglass Splendour Attraction;

2nd Rose Semple, King;

3rd Ruby Dalton-Murphy, Lily;

4th Kaitleigh Russell, Valentine Fulmer;

5th (Joint 5th) Kate Green, Apple Jack & Faith Linsay, Fendi.

Class 5: 80cm Ponies:

1st Claire McCauley, Snowy;

2nd Liscey McLaughlin, Buddy;

3rd Ruby Dalton-Murphy, Lily;

4th Rose Semple, King;

5th Sarah Wilson, Parkglass Splendour Attraction.

Class 6: 90cm Ponies:

1st Kim Moore, Lily;

2nd Sarah Wilson, Parkglass Splendour Attraction;

3rd Lara Rocks, Vixon;

4th Liscey McLaughlin, Buddy.

Class 7: 1m Ponies:

1st Kim Moore, Lily;

2nd Lara Rocks, Vixon.

Results for Unregistered Show Jumping (Saturday 30th March 2024)

Cross-poles Class:

Naoishe McPeak, Judy.

50cm Class:

Joanne Nevin, Ralph; Naishe McPeak, Judy.

60cm Class:

Lisa Dundee, Ollie.

70cm Class:

Diane Scott, Myagi; Lisa Dundee, Ollie.

80cm Class:

Debbie McNeill, Lily, Lisa Dundee, Dawn; Zoe Caskey, Jeff; Charlotte McCullough, Luna May;

90cm Class:

Rhonda Carson, Dandy; Nicole McClements, Rudi; Zoe Caskey, Jeff; Valerie Penny, Oskar; Debbie McNeill, Lily.

1m Class:

Kia McAllistair, Athena; Rhonda Carson, Koro; Nicole McClements, Rudi; Rhonda Carson, Tilly.

1.10m Class:

Kia McAllistair, Athena.

Connell Hill Training Shows will continue throughout April from Saturday 6th April, at 10am.

Classes for everyone starting from cross-poles right the way up to 1.20/1.30m. Entries will be taken on the day.

All details of Connell Hill events can be found on Gillian Creighton/Connell Hill Facebook pages.

Everyone is very welcome, with classes to suit all.