Huge turnout for Santa cavalcade

WITH weather conditions ideal, Saturday’s inaugural Santa lit-up Cavalcade organised by the Traction Engine Club of Ulster (TECU) in conjunction with the Ballymena BID was a huge success, attracting around 150 roadrunners, and in the town centre, the crowds were out in force; one participant even classing it as “a bigger crowd than the 12th Day”.

A spokesperson for the Traction Engine Club of Ulster stated: “The Club never ceases to be uplifted by the generosity of our local community in their volunteering of time and resources in order that Ballymena could host this unique Christmas experience while in effect helping to raise funds for designated charities. In the coming year the Children’s Hospice and the MS Society will be major beneficiaries as a result of your goodwill and we will keep you informed on the amounts provided.

“We are delighted that this inaugural Santa Run has went off very well and we are particularly grateful for the facilities provided by the following;

- Ballymena BID and the support of Local Traders;

- Ballymena Livestock Market for the use of their Yard and the willing support from their Staff Team;

- The Ringside Cafe who, on top of their already busy schedule, provided around 240 excellent Christmas dinners for participants. (Brilliant job);

- for all those who took the time and expense to decorate their vehicles in a brilliantly and superb fashion and for all donations on the day;

- all volunteers who helped with Marshalling and in keeping everyone safe on the evening;

- To the community for turning out in such huge numbers to create a wonderful fun night for children and for their ongoing support and patience.

Finally The Traction Engine Club hope that the Ballymena and surrounding community had a brilliant evening of Santa fun and we now look forward to a repeat performance next year.”

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