Improved trade for fat lambs and stores at Markethill

An entry of 1370 sheep in Markethill on Wednesday 3rd November returned a further improved trade for Fat lambs and Stores. Cull ewe trade was steady.

Heavy lambs sold up to £126 per head, with several pens selling at £120 each. Top rate of 515p per kilo was paid for 24k at £123.50 each for a Jerrettspass producer. A Portadown producer received 504p per kilo for 24k at £121 each. All good quality lambs sold from 460p to 490p per kilo.

Good quality middleweight lambs sold from 490p to 565p per kilo for 20.1k at £113.50 each from a Crossmaglen farmer, followed by 534p per kilo for 20.4k at £109 each from a Mullaghbawn producer. Top price for Middleweight lambs £115 for 22kilos 523p for an Armagh farmer.

Light stores sold steadily from 580p to 679p per kilo for 14k at £95 each for a Mullaghbawn farmer, followed by 648p for 14.9k at £96.50 each for a Keady producer. Stronger stores sold to 586p for 17.4k at £102 each from a Crossmaglen farmer, followed by 583p for 19.2 at £112 from a Crossmaglen farmer.

The 240 Cull Ewes sold to a top of £165 each. Main demand sold from £95 to £138 each.

HEAVY LAMBS: Jerrettspass farmer 24k £123.50 515p; Portadown producer 24k £121 504p; Keady farmer 24k £117.50 490p; Armagh producer 24.1k £117 486p; Markethill farmer 24.4k £118 484p; Keady farmer 24k £116 483p; Ballynahinch seller 25.1k £121 482p; Cullyhanna farmer 24.2k £116.50 482p

MIDDLEWEIGHT LAMBS: Crossmaglen farmer 20.1k £113.50 565p; Mullaghbawn seller 20.4k £109 534p; Armagh farmer 20k £105 525p; Markethill seller 20.4k £107 525p; Banbridge producer 20.4k £107 525p; Armagh farmer 22k £115 523p; Newtownhamilton producer 20.5k £107 522p; Markethill farmer 20.2k £105 520p

LIGHT STORES: Mullabawn seller 14k £95 679p; Keady farmer 14.9k £96.50 648p; Jerrettspass farmer 14.8k £95.50 645p; Silverbridge seller 15.9k £100 629p; Rostrevor producer 13.5k £83 615p; Armagh seller 15k £91 607p; Banbridge farmer 14.7k £89 605p.

STRONGER STORES: Crossmaglen farmer 17.4k £102 586p; Crossmaglen seller 19.2k £112 583p; Rostrevor farmer 17k £99 582p; Poyntzpass producer 17.6k £102 589p; Crilly producer 17.4k £100 575p; Crossmaglen seller 17.5k £100 572p; Dromara seller 18.3k £104.50 571p; Portadown producer 18k £102.50 569p